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Buff Young Jocks Grapple and Flip Fuck!

UK HotJocks is presenting a very special series featuring it’s stable of buff young jocks getting pumped up and squaring off in the ring! It’s time for boy-on-boy wrestling and these aggressive young jocks let themselves get turned on rubbing up and rolling around with their muscular opponents. It’s Anthony Naylor vs Timmy Treasure in Round 1. Squaring up and going to the floor, foreheads pressed together, they lock up and everything tightens and they start to throw each other around. Crotches are grabbed, bums get slapped and forced rimming submission holds… we know where this is going. Anthony seems to have won this one though he’s tenting in his singlet, there’s something big in there that has a battle of it’s own to fight!


Timmy is pinned down though not complaining. He’s face to boner-bulge and gives the spandex covering Anthony’s dick some attention, soaking him through. Anthony springs out his massive 8” cock and rubs it in Timmy’s face, forced sucking and skull fucking, he means business! Letting Timmy up and taking the singlet straps down Anthony goes down to suck his dick. In a squat/go/ready position Timmy arches back onto Anthony’s big dick, giving him the option to take control and ride him, or lose it and get fucked stupid! And then it’s flip time! Anthony bends his sweet and oh-so-perfect bubble butt over, face on the floor and lets Timmy plunge his cock into him; this is deep fucking! Timmy ploughs into Anthony, really taking back control and giving as good as he got. Pulling out, Timmy shoots a creamy load over Anthony’s smooth butt, dripping down the singlet on onto the ring mats. Anthony builds up and sprays Timmy’s willing face in jets of his own thick spunk. Click here to watch these aggressive and horny British Jocks wrestle and fuck and shoot at UK HotJocks.


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