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Bound twinks suspended and face-fucked

More craziness from the Gay War Games Queer Commandos. In this new footage released today, a pair of young twinks are being terrorized by the brazen guerrillas in their makeshift compound, and are now under the interrogation by a sinister doctor sympathetic to the cause. Known as “Dr. Psycho,” he has a talent for extracting information when the usual beatings, spankings, strip searches, sodomy and facefucking might fail to illicit responses from prisoners. After being led out of his cell in a straight jacket, his latest detainee is in for a hell of in interrogation: chained from the ankles and suspended from the ceiling, his ass is lashed and his mouth is stuffed with cocks at all angles. Enter here to see all of the intense Gay War Games bondage interrogation footage now!

Gay soldiers abuse their twink captives

Enter here to see the full gay military commando bondage fuckfest video