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Bound Twinks GangFucked

GayWarGames has released the final trailer in the “Wintertime” series — featuring the GWG soldiers (and a few randy peacekeepers) capturing a couple of local boys wandering through the countryside. On the flimsiest of legal “interrogation” pretenses, the soldiers help themselves to these two twinks sweet softness. The two cupcakes get assfucked by multiple soldiers and are forced to suck off every dick in the house. The final chapter showcases the final fuck’n’suck soldier-on-twink orgy and our precious little sweethearts have to bring 6 panting soldiers to climax to hope to have a glimmer of freedom. Enter here to see the full video of these terrified twinks abducted and abused.

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helpless twinks bound and gangfucked

Enter here to see the full video depicting the capture and bondage of these two twink sweethearts

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