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Smooth twink pisses all over his stomach

Saturday, April 12th, 2014

For all the piss lovers out there, here’s a great video featuring a smooth, athletic twink whipping out his uncut cock and streaming hot piss all over his delicious stomach. He gushes and gushes his hot pee endlessly…hot a hot twink piss video! Enter here to see more European twink piss videos!

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Super Soaked Pissing Threesome — Nasty Twink Piss Party

Friday, April 4th, 2014

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Here’s a great trailer from — Check out these three bois etting nasty in this piss soaked video. These twinks love drinking piss and they get so horny taking mouthfuls of each others hot juice they are soon sucking cock and fondling each other. Check out the wicked three-way blowjob/mouth pissing video action.

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Hot lad gats nasty drinking his own piss

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

I am so fucking horny right now. Like a lot of you, I can’t help but get really turned on  by the sight of a guy pissing (is it an accident that I meet so many of my boyfriends in public bathrooms LOL) and in this update from, uber-sexy lad Shane is really enjoying himself turning on the water works. Not even bothering to strip out of his clothes, Shane unleashes a torrential spray of hot piss all over his beautiful abs and into his mouth. After he has drained his bladder, Shane’s cock is rock hard and he strokeshis beautiful shaft until his shoots a messy wad of cum all over his tummy. God I want to lick him so badly!
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Thai twinks love piss showers

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Owen and Oliver continue their hot piss fetish escapade in this video trailer — these Thai twinks are passing pee back and forth by the bucketful and they look so hot with the hot urine splashing off their tight chests. Oliver does the most piss drinking, and he also is hungry for Owen’s hard cock. The twink pair swap hot wet blowjobs and filthy rimjobs, and finally get nasty with bareback fucking as Oliver takes Owen’s cock deep into his tight ass — bareback fucking — while jerking off his own cock and pumping towards an explosive mutual ejaculation. Enter here to see Oliver taking Owen’s hot piss stream by the mouthful!

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Asian Twinks spray each other with hot piss

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Free Flow — Asian Piss lovin’ twinks

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Who’s thirsty? These adorable Thai twink boys are, and despite their horny urges and thee craving for dick sicking and raw bareback ass pounding, they will delight in the forbidden pleasure of piss drinking whenever they get the opportunity. Jacop and Oliver stroke each other’s dicks and then they take turns gulping hot pee and letting it soak them. Jacop lets you see his great six-pack abs while he’s sucking Oliver’s hard cock and then teasing more piss from his cock. These adorable twinks love fucking bareback, and they even let the piss spray while they have a cock in their ass. Enter here to watch these Asian twinks gulping mouthfuls of piss!

Asian twinks love to drink piss

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Twink boy romps in diaper/enema fetish video

Friday, August 16th, 2013

I don’t know who wants to get raunchy and nasty on a Saturday morning, and I don;t care, because I want to share this kinky Czech twink who’s got a smile like a devious bastard and a brain that’s full of dirty fetish fantasies. He and his BFF get their toys out in the woods where they won’t be seen, and he strips down and gets a hose full of water shot up his ass. Then he slaps on a diaper and rolls around like a baby, sloshing all of the liquid inside him. When its time for release, he lifts his ass and sprays like a fountain…majestically. Over and over he takes a hose full of water up his ass and he squirts it everywhere. Raunchy, nasty and kinky, yet somehow clean fun. Click here to see more amazing twink enema videos

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twink boy romps in diaper/enema fetish video

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