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Masked twink masturbates in cuffs and chains

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Boys in cars are one of my favourite jack-off fantasies, going back to when I was in collage and would just drive around with my twink boyfriends. I wasn’t really exploring my kinky side back then, and the rare times I see kinky boys bound or spanked in cars, it makes my heart pound a little faster and my dick much harder. Bad Boy Ton seems to share my love of kinky sex scenes in cars, and he shows off his slender body and his stiff cock for the camera while masked, roped to the seat and his wrists in restraints. He puts on quite the solo jackoff show, stroking his dick from soft to hard and then until he shoots his thick load of boy cum all over his tummy. I love this lad and I’d love to take him on a road trip to some deserted spot and really show him what being kinky is all about. Click here to watch all of Ton’s kinky bondage and solo sex videos.

masked twink masturbates in cuffs and chains

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Hot Russian twink gives himself a dirty enema

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Hola amigos…I hope everyone is taking care of themselves in the cold of winter, and in the spirit of staying warm, here’s a clip of Bad Boy Ton indulging his kinky enema fetish. The hot Russian twink is bound around the upper arms with plastic wrap and pushed onto his back in the shower. His Daddy stands over him with the video camera demanding arresting visual stimulation, and Ton knows better than to disappoint his Daddy. He pushes the hose into his sweet anus, releasing a torrent of warm water up his ass cavity and he releases it with a sexy squirt and then a flood of liquid. Ton looks so sexy, innocent and dirty all at the same time, lying on his back in the shower with his feet in the air. I love getting a really good look at his balls and his taint, and I love it when he makes these twink enema fetish videos. Imagine yourself in a warm shower with Ton tonight, and click here to watch the full twink fetish video inside.

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hot Russian twink gives himself a dirty enema

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Bad Boy Ton whips his twink BF

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Not that there’s any such thing as too much Ton, but I realized my blog upkeep has slowed down to the point where I have Bad Boy Ton featured just a couple of posts earlier, although I doubt anyone is going to complain about more Bad Boy Ton on the blog. He is one of the kinkiest twinks I have ever seen and his skills as a top are increasing every video. In this video he is once again out in the woods with one of his boyfriends and he has him roped to a tree. Then Ton takes off his belt and starts whipping his twink BF across the ass and thighs. And he’s actually doing it with some authority! Ton proves he’s got some balls and he’s not just a little bottom bitch as he cracks the belt across the ass of his captive playmate. What a hot and sexy revelation! Click here to watch the complete video of Bad Boy Ton making this twink slave boy his bitch.

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rope bound twink gets his ass whipped with a belt

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Horny twink bound, gagged and roughly finger fucked

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Daniel is one of the twink boys that hangs around with Czech super twink Bad Boy Ton, hoping to get a kiss, suck his toes, or maybe even give the young lad a handjob. Daniel himself has a trim, athletic body, but his face is not anywhere close to beautiful like Ton, but in Ton’s absence, the Daddy of the house has certain tasks the Daniel is well suited for. In this clip, Daniel is naked in the bathroom, stroking his hard cock, daydreaming about Ton. He shoots cum all over himself and the floor, and it’s always a joy to watch a young guy shooting his wad. And then it’s time for punishment. The horny lad is bound with a roll of plastic wrap, pinning his arms to his sides, and a piece of strong tape is slapped across his mouth to gag his screams. He is ordered to raise his ass in the air and spread his legs. His Daddy snaps on a pair of rubber gloves and starts probing his asshole. There’s no foreplay here — no teasing the hole, warming him up — he just shoves two of his meaty rubber fingers up Daniel’s asshole and starts vigourously pumping. There’s lots more bondage and aggressive probing in the fully video, and I highly recommend watching the whole clip here…

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horny twink bound, gagged and roughly finger fucked

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Twink sweetheart Ton fucks his bound BF with a dildo

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

It’s been far too long since we’ve had some Czech twinks on the site, and I’m super pleased to post this video of Bad Boy Ton and his boyfriend getting kinky outside. Ton is once again exploring his dominant side, restraining his boyfriend’s arms behind his back and pushing his legs in the air, exposing his ass. Ton had the wild idea of inserting eggs into his lover’s asshole, and he successfully stuffs several into the twink’s tight hole. Ton is obsessed with anal play, and he wants to keep fucking his boyfriend’s ass with dildos and other huge toys. He also puts the large, uncut cock of his twink BF into a metal cock ring and yanks on it with a chain. Click here to see more video of Bad Boy Ton’s anal insertion fetishes.

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twink sweetheart Ton fucks his bound BF with a dildo

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Amazing anal fetish and penis pump twink bondage

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

Although it’s been a while, I never forget my biggest twink crush, Bad Boy Ton and his amazing ass. I used to fantasize about fingering his acrobatic hole while getting his dick hard with my hand. Then these photos were released and its the perfect materialization of everything I wanted to do to Ton. He’s kneeling in a chair with his wrists and ankles bound and his Dadddy is working over his ass with a leather-tipped riding crop. It’s a sizzling bit of pain that lights a fire deep inside me. Then Ton’s tormenter slips a penis pump onto his cock and pumps up the pressure. I love twinks playing with penis pumps and this is an image that I will keep with me forever…I nearly came right then, but then the anal play started…first a burning candle in the ass. Maybe a little cliche, but when Ton’s Daddy slips in two fingers and spreads his beautiful hole into a wide gape, that’s when I lost it. Click here to see all of the photos and watch the full HD twink bondage/corporal punishment and anal play video.

Amazing anal fetish and penis pump twink bondage

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