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Shame and Humiliation

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

For all you lovers of the mocha, get a look at Josh — handsome, rugged, athletic, and in dire need of training in submissive behaviour. His education at begins with a groping and a strip down and then his three perverted mentors force him onto all fours and probe his virgin cherry asshole. He is taught obedience to authority and his masters tease, him, mock him and humiliate him until he’s as submissive as a little puppy. Enter here to see more headgames, humiliation and anal training of straight handsome jocks and twinks at!

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rugged sportsman humiliated and anally violated

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British twink endures terrifying Caning

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

So this clip is definitely a departure from the usual bondage fare you see involving twinks — nothing cutesy or mild about this BDSM, it’s twink punishment at its most hardcore from The setup is a classic: twink Josh is being bullied by his schoolmates and there’s no escape and no help coming to save him. Schoolyard toughs Bryan and Guy strip skinny pale Josh naked and cruelly violate him. josh is forced to suck their cocks while his ass if rudely fingered and then the bullies teabag him and force Josh to rim out their dirty assholes. But then the sadistic bullies deliver the most painful caning I have ever seen. They break two canes over Josh’s bare ass and they also take turns spanking him with their bare hands, but they uses suck force they might as well be throwing hay makers. This clip is deeply disturbing, but if you are truly a fan of hardcore twink bondage and discipline, it might be for you. Click here to see the complete twink corporal punishment and bdsm video inside!

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brutal caning discipline

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Extreme twink BDSM video clip

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

I am totally stoked to share this clip with you…it’s the follow up to an entry I added at the beginning of the month that really stoked a lot of interest: British twink endures terrifying Caning. Meek and mild twink Josh is being bullied to an extreme degree by three upperclassmen at his school. They have him cornered in the detention hall after school and their aggression and their psycho-sexual rage has peaked. After mercilessly caning him, the thugs have Josh roped up and tossed on his belly anxiously awaiting the next nightmare. Upperclassman Guy has a special toy designed for hazing his classmates: a vibrator fixed to a long handle and he rudely shoves it into Josh’s virgin asshole and fucks him like he’s wielding a spear. Meanwhile Steve and Derek pull down their pants and squat in front of Josh’s face, holding him by the back of the neck and forcing him to rim out their dirty, sweaty assholes. Steve swaps of for Guy and rams the dildo-spear with renewed intensity while Guy finds the headmaster’s cane to lash the soles of Josh’s feet. How cultural! The bullies have heard of falaka. Meanwhile, Derek’s cruelty has aroused great lust, and the muscular thug pulls out his cock and shoves it into his twink sex slave’s mouth. Soon, Steve and Guy lose interest in torturing the lad and wait with hard cocks for their chance to fuck his mouth too. Click here to watch the complete extreme twink BDSM video

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aggressive young tops dominate and humiliate their twinky classmate

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Bitchy twink settle score with ass-paddling punishment

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Helix studios has a great new gay spanking video release featuring Trystian Sweet and Joshua Fetters. Trystian is playing grown up in a hot leather-daddy harness, bending meek but cheeky Joshua over his knee and smacking his ass with a paddle. Joshua’s ass gets turned a bright red, and Trystain is obviously playing for real: no sissy slaps! They get into 69 position and Trstian keeps up the spanking even while sucking Joshua’s hard dick. This trailer is just a teaser of the sizzling spanking and sucking action available inside at Helix Studios…Enter here to see more kinky gay video lean young stud Trystian getting aggressive with the paddle on Joshua Fetters’ cute ass!

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Bitchy twink trystian give Joshua and hard spanking

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Twink Public Bathroom Bondage

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Sexy twink lad Noah showed up on the doorstep of the Armory in San Francisco and begged for a tryout, and Nick Moretti immediately saw potential in his gorgeous body and ripe young ass. 22 years old, but easily mistaken for 18 or 19, Noah is led to one of Nick’s favourite cruising spots, an old timey public bathroom, resplendent in marble and tile. There are at least half a dozen dudes looking for some action and Nick encourages Noah to get close to each one, and as soon as he’s given permission, Noah is out stroking hard dicks and starting to suck cock. Everyone in the bathroom immediate perks up when the see Noah, and they all want a piece of that ass. Not content to wait their turn for a handjob from the radiant twink, they start stripping him naked, spanking him, probing his ass. A spider gag is strapped into Noah’s mouth and soon he’s being force fed cocks. His hands are tied and his cock is stroked, he begs to cum, but is repeatedly denied ejaculation release. His tender flesh is whipped while the crowd cheers. The mob closes in, roped him spread eagle and fucks his ass and his mouth like animals until his soaked with cum. Click here to see the full length bathroom bondage spectacle featuring hot new face Noah at!

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Bondage virgin Noah cruises for cock and ends up roped and gangbanged

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Twink Bondage Handjob

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Fit, hung Kenzie Madison allows Sebastian to pull back his uncut cock, arousing him all the way to climax. Each time Sebastian holds back as Kenzie begs to be taking over the edge. Desperate to release, Sebastian finally permits the boy to release sending several hot white streams of teen juice over Kenzie’s tight, ripped stomach. Turned on himself, Sebastian releases his own load over Kenzie, covering the boys face with cream. Enter here to see more of Madison’s gay bondage handjob encounter

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