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Brit Twink Alex dominated and violated

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

British twink Alex Cumming is in rough rope bondage, tied tightly in the fetal position, while his pervert captor Sebastian works over his ass with a riding crop, turning a bright shade of pink in anticipation of the kinky fun he’s going to have with the helpless lad. Sebastian is lusting after Alex’s pink asshole, and he gets the hole nice and loose with his fingers and a series of ever-larger toys, until he brings out a very nasty surprise for his slave. Sebastian has a long piece of dirty chain he grabbed from his garage, and he begins shoving the cold, dirty metal up the bound twink’s asshole link by link. Alex soon cries out “No more!” and Sebastian only stops to bust a nut all over his twink slave’s ass and flat stomach. Enter here to see the full twink anal violation video at!

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Young Athlete anally violated

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

Young jock Steven is increasingly worried about the physical examination required to join the soccer team recruiting him. He’s been stripped naked by the coach, team manager and team owner, and after they’ve fondled and smell his cock, they are ordering him to piss in a jar and stretch open his asshole to take a dildo. They tell him he needs to have strong anal muscles to withstand the rigours of the full season at such a high level of play, but the laugh and chortle when he starts whimpering at the size of the dildo the insert and fuck his ass with. They lay him down, spread his legs and jack his cock while cackling about his penis size and muscle tone. Steven meekly submits and tries to please these men of authority in order to make the team. Click here to see the full humiliation and twink submission video at!

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Frightened young jock submits to anal probing

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Straight Twink subdued and jacked off by cackling professors

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

Dimi’s humiliating education in submission sadly comes to a close. Surrounded by his professors, all jeering and cackling and insulting his body and his cock, Dimi is hoisted up on their laps, his legs thrust wide open, and his cock is jacked off by the perverts catcalling him. His arousal in uncontrollable and he is filled with shame. The men cheer as they get him hard, calling him fag and sissy, but they too are itching to get the young man to blow his load. Once Dimi has shot his cum, they feed it back to him for a final act of humiliation. Enter here to see the full video detailing Dimi’s humiliating ordeal at the hands of his perverted professors.

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Brit twink Dimi subdued and jacked off by 3 horny professors

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Military studs terrorize twink hostage

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Horny European soldiers Ivan and Becko have taken a sweet twink named Aleksandar hostage, and while waiting for the ransom, they can’t fight their urges and succumb to desire to fuck the pretty young lad…fuck him hard. In part 4 of “Ransom” the soldiers are burning every inch of Aleksandar’s flesh with hit wax, causing him to scream in pain. Disgusted by his wailing the soldiers administer a hard, bare-handed spanking, and then get ready to really punish him: Ivan’s cock is hard and hungry, and his thrusts it into Aleksandar’s perfect, pink, hairless asshole and fucks the hell out of this anal virgin. He screams and whimpers, Ivan’s cock feels gigantic, and Ivan is equally relentless. Enter here to see full gay BDSM video of this hot twink tortured by soldiers and fucked in his smooth beautiful ass.

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Amazing Euro twink assfucked and tortured by horny soldiers

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Euro Twinks succumb to bondage terror punishment

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

The Gay War Games homo commandos are really enjoying the oral service courtesy of newly captured twink prisoner Sebastian. They crowd around him and shout insults and threats into his face as he cowers and tries to hide his face, but Ivan, Mecko and Becko all keep slapping him with their hands and also their long cocks. Forced into compliance, he does his best to satisfy each hard, meaty prick, but as we’ve seen over and over, the queer guerrillas are impossible to please. Shortly thereafter, Sebastian’s comrades are rounded up, and the three twinks are forced to strip by the side of the road, and then marched deep into the forest to an abandoned house, where the soldiers prepare their twink bondage slaves for an orgy of pain, punishment and humiliation. Click here to see more videos of the Gay War Games pervert commandos fucking and abusing their twink prisoners!

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Sexy hot twink spanking and fucking

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Strapping young hotshot Trystian is back and hungry to punish more of his boyfriends. He’s hooking up with Ryan Connors, and after Ryan tries to sneak something out of his bedroom, Trystian catches him and bends Ryan over his knee and spanks him with his bare hand and then a paddle. Ryan squirms and cries out in pain, but Trystian keeps on admonishing him and spanking him into submission. After the sexy hot punishment concludes, Trystian makes sure that submissive Ryan knows him place, easing his cock into Ryan’s mouth and then fucking him hard in his tight ass. Enter here to see more kinky gay video lean young stud Trystian getting aggressive with the paddle on Ryan Connor’s cute ass!

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Bratty twinks play spanking punishment games

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