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Sexy hot twink spanking and fucking

Saturday, March 29th, 2014

Strapping young hotshot Trystian is back and hungry to punish more of his boyfriends. He’s hooking up with Ryan Connors, and after Ryan tries to sneak something out of his bedroom, Trystian catches him and bends Ryan over his knee and spanks him with his bare hand and then a paddle. Ryan squirms and cries out in pain, but Trystian keeps on admonishing him and spanking him into submission. After the sexy hot punishment concludes, Trystian makes sure that submissive Ryan knows him place, easing his cock into Ryan’s mouth and then fucking him hard in his tight ass. Enter here to see more kinky gay video lean young stud Trystian getting aggressive with the paddle on Ryan Connor’s cute ass!

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Bratty twinks play spanking punishment games

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Twink CBT and shaming

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Bad Boy Ton has been getting lazy, and his Daddy is pissed and motivated to corect his sloppy behaviour. Firstly, Ton has not been maintaining his appearance, letting his pubic region grow into a bushy mess! Daddy hates this, preferring his young lovers keep their body hair trimmed to a minimum (as we all should!). So what’s the punishment and how can Ton learn to please his Daddy better? He’s tied at the wrists and secured to a hook high above his head. Daddy strips him naked and lets the camera get a really good look at how messy and unkempt Ton’s pubes are. “Have more pride in yourself!” “Your cock looks so small in that bush!” Daddy uses a pair of clippers to clean up most of the hairy mess, shaving them down neat and clean. But to punish Ton and teach him a valuable lesson about obeying Daddy’s rules, Daddy starts tying Ton’s balls off with a length of heavy guage wire, until they are constricted and bulging, looking like a piece of hanging fruit. Then Daddy starts wrapping the wire around Ton’s cock, getting him semi-hard, but not allowing in enough blood for him to become fully erect. Ton’s cock head bulges out the end of the wire wrapping, pulsating and purple, and Daddy punishes him further, using the sharp end of a toothpick to needle his swollen cock. Click here to see the full video of Ton’s shaming and painful CBT punishment.

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sweet twink Ton gets his pubes shaved plus CBT

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Fresh meat for the Gay War Games Soldiers

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

The homo commandos at Gay War Games are always trolling for fresh meat to satisfy their bottomless sadistic sexual appetites, and today they have found slim but wiry footballer Yanni. After snatching the sporty twink and abducting him back to their compound, Yanni is stripped and terrorized for the upcoming bondage fun. Also present for the sex slave party is “Jimbo” a French mercenary recently arrived in the area and sympathetic to the guerrilla cause, and as horny as the rest of them for fresh boy ass. Both soldiers engage in spanking Yanni across his ass to warm him up and get is fear levels rising. His ass is soon cherry red and he’s crying in pain at every strike of the hand on his flesh. Jimbo pulls out his fat black cock and makes the prisoner suck him off. The punishment is just beginning, and I can’t wait for the next episode! Enter here to watch more video footage of Twink Yanni getting snatched by homo soldiers and satisfying their sadistic fantasies!

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Twink Yanni gets picked up by horny gay soldiers and painfully spanked!

Twink Bondage and Anal Insertion

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

On all fours, Cameron Wilson has his balls roped and tied with his legs spread apart, leaving his ass exposed and vulnerable. Crew member Kieron Knight can’t take his eyes of this hot teen’s hole and starts in with toys and a good hard fucking. Kieron opens the lad’s hole and molests him. Unable to protest, Cameron takes his abuse like a man, head pressed into the floor; quietly begging under his breath that this will all come to an end before his hole is unable to take any more. Enter here to see the full gay teen CBT and bondage video and photo set exclusively at!

Twinks get kinky in this bondage insertion video

Enter here to view the full video featuring Keiron punishing playmate Cameron’s balls and giving him a hard, rough fucking.

Sissy Twink fag dominated and forced to rim thuggish master

Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

Thuggish tops Peter and Terrance are featured in this trailer hazing a nameless twink sissy they found hanging around the football club locker room. Chaining him around the neck so he can’t run away, Terrance jeers the twink and Peter forces him to lick out his sweaty, stinking armpits. Both dom thugs slap the twink and shower him with hateful insults, scaring him into submission. Peter straddles his face and squats down, forcing the sissy fag to rim out his hairy, sweaty asshole. This is a no frills domination scene, without the need for a lot of props or elaborate setups: Two ultra masculine tops, one terrified bottom trying to please his masters, lots of domination, submission and abuse. Click here to see more trailers and full videos of terrified bottoms humiliated and abused by these macho thugs at!

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sissy fag rims out top thugs dirty asshole

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Hazing Frat brothers torment the freshman class

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Incoming pledges always know that fraternity rush will be hell, and the brothers at this college are especially keen to uphold the vigorous standards of their House. The pledges ate stripped naked in the middle of campus and bound together with plastic wrap while the brothers teabag them on make them squeal like pigs. Then they are just left there as class change begins and the Quad fills with people. Later that night, the pledges are loaded into a giant vat to play bobbing for dildos, and then suffer through more humiliating dick torture. The nude pledges must rub jalepeno peppers on each other’s cocks, and the only way to relive the burning is to take a big swig of milk and suck on another pledge’s cock. How evil is that? Every pledge gets a mouthful of cock, and the brothers even get some of these freshmen to fuck each other in the ass. Oh those college days. Click here to see the full video of the crazy, humiliating pledge night

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frat brothers mercilessly haze incoming freshmen

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