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Bad attitude earns twink stinging spanking

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

Ian Huntt is nothing but trouble for Jeff Sterne. He sleeps in nearly every day, stays out too late partying, and generally has a shitty attitude towards everything, Jeff can forgive boys being boys and misbehaving a little, but he sure don’t brook no lip from some uppity twink. So he yanks Ian out of bed and peels off his jeans and starts spanking the hell out his smooth, firm ass. Jeff give a great bare hand spanking, but he feels that more pain is required to get his message across, so he pulls off his leather belt and uses it to give the twink miscreant a punishing beating. Click here to see the full gay spanking punishment video in HD!

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fey twink Ian gets a stinging spanking for disrespectful attitude

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Jockstrap twink gets hot OTK spanking

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Chase Young is a fantastic, fresh looking twink from Alabama that look so sweet and innocent and happens to possess a magical, fleshy butt perfect for spanking. Jeff Stern gets the honor in this video, and he gleefully spanks that bubble butt like its a pinata. Adding to the amazing spanking is that Chase is wearing a sensational jockstrap that lifts his ass in the air and pushes it out. See if you can resist Chase and his jockstrap ass after you witness him getting spanked relentlessly over Jeff Stern’s knee. Click here to download the full length jockstrap spanking video.

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twink sweetheart gets his bubble butt spanked

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Jeff Sterne gives emo twink Adan Rider a harsh OTK spanking

Monday, August 26th, 2013

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No bullshit taskmaster Jeff Sterne has his hands full with discipline-challenged Adan Rider, who has been getting in trouble at school. Taking the cruel to be kind approach, Jeff sets out to show Adam then painful discipline will make him a better person. Jeff relishes improving the lives of his charges through pain and suffering! Slim twink Adan is absolutely breathtaking as he gets stripped and spanked by Sterne, his ass turns cherry red during the punishment session. More video and pictures available inside…


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Hot Twink Tanner gets a hard OTK spanking

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Hello, and welcome back to twinkkink after the weekend — I hope you all got as much exposure to the fresh air and sun as I did! but, I want to continue the good times we had going on the weekend, and because I am a huge sucker for the yummy twinks they keep rolling out at — here is a great video featuring TaskMaster Sterne getting frisky and disciplinarian with juicy lad Tanner. This twink morsel had me standing at full attention by the time he was stripped down to his racy Paul Frank undies — Watching Sterne give Tanner such a hard OTK spanking was just what I needed to face the Monday, and I knew I needed to share it with you! Click here to see full length video of Tanner getting mercilessly spanked and lashed with a belt…

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Mouth-watering twink gets a firm spanking

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Christian Collins is one of the most promising new twink performers I have seen since in gay adult videos since I first saw him in 2011. He’s 20 years old, and American from Ohio and he professes to having an underwear fetish and a kink for sex in the shower. I certainly wouldn’t mind lathering him up after getting dirty with him ;) …Anyway, in this video the redhead is sent to disciplinarian Jeff Stern to help curb his wild, kinky fantasies, and Jeff quickly gets the twink undressed and bent over to receive a hard spanking. christian takes Jeff’s strong hand over his jeans and then gets spanked over top of his sexy, flirty underwear before getting the full force of the bare hand spanking on his naked buttocks. After Jeff gets Christian’s ass tingling with pain after the bare hand OTK spanking, he brings out a scary looking wooden paddle and lets Christian know there’s even more hard corporal punishment in store for him. Click here to watch the full length twink spanking video!

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amazing twink gets his ass paddled hard

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Cocky boy Marco gets a burning spanking courtesy of Jeff Stern

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

A public blowup from Jeff Stern was inevitable. After all, we’ve seen the warning signs for years…every mistake he encounters, every infraction of the rules, every hint of disrespect, he responds with a show of physical force. How does he deal with people at the DMV? is he trying to get over the glass to spank the bored, smug employee who checks your vision? Does he take the cable man over his knee when he’s late for the service appointment? He’s lucky he surrounds himself at all times with submissive twinks, the only form of life (a) that won’t snap Jeff like a twig and (b) that are constantly aroused and longing for a hard spanking to stoke the fire in their loins. Marco is such a lad. After getting into the most trifling fender bender in human history, Jeff senses that Marco isn’t treating the situation with enough gravity. So he bends the tall lad over the trunk of his car and gives him a bare hand spanking, right over the jeans. Marco is stung but he’s not broken so Jeff hauls him inside into a pre-prepared dungeon, pushing Marco against a St. Andrew’s cross and flogging his cherry bubble butt while lecturing him about respect and consideration for your betters. He directs Marco to count off the lashes, which Marco does through gritted teeth. Jeff has his temporary pound of flesh, but will the lesson stick? or Will Marco pull on his jeans and go out and key Jeff’s precious car? Click here to watch the full punishment session for yourself to decide.

cocky boy Marco gets a burning spanking courtesy of Jeff Stern

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