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Asian twinks drink piss

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Thai twink boyfriends John and Vernon are ready to get kinky when they’ve got the house to themselves for the whole day. Vernon gets John in restraints at the ankles, plus a sexy stiff leather collar and leash for good measure. John’s hard-on is growing in his underwear, and Vernon pulls it out and gives his boy toy twink slave a generous, sloppy blowjob. Stripped naked, John’s smooth chest is soon slick with Vernon’s hot piss, as his boyfriend sprays a massive torrent of foul smelling pee all over his shackled slave. John must now suck Vernon’s cock, and the pair both get hot wet and sticky with piss and precum. Vernon produces a funnel and slides it into John’s ass and tries to fill his lover directly with another massive gusher of hot piss, but he can’t resits giving John another shower. It’s incredible hot fresh gay Asian piss hardcore action: click here to see more golden shower videos!

Asian gayboys suck cock and gulp hot piss

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