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Stunning Twink Daniel West stripped and punished in class

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

This video clip features the physically imposing Principal Woods overpowering and punishing his latest misbehaving student, Daniel Woods. Stripped down to his sexy underwear, Daniel gets his firm, round ass spanked by Woods’ big, meaty bare hand in front of all his other twink friends! Hoping to make an impression that misbehaviour will not be tolerated, Woods strips the snotty brat naked and really shows the class what a punished ass looks like! Daniel’s ass goes from pink to cherry red as Principal Woods’ unrelenting bare hand spanks his ass across his knee. Enter see the full bare hand corporal punishment video!.

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Daniel West stripped naked and visciousy spanked

Enter here to see Daniel West spanked open hand and OTK in this painful corporal punishment video!

Young lad gets his butt lashed with a leather belt and hairbrush

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Here is a great video trailer from British Boys Fetish Club showcasing more of their great extreme spanking footage. I really love how they really make no bones about just punishing the hell out of these young lads, and really inflicting a lot of pain. The narrator in this clip gives us a helpful tutorial on the fundamentals of European spanking. This twink gets a brutal lashing with a leather belt and a hairbrush and has to limp away from the camera in shame. Enter here to see the full video of this British lad getting his hide tanned

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Twink lad gets his ass whipped cherry red

Enter here to see the entire twink spanking punishment video!

Savage spanking leaves toned young hunk writhing in pain

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Here is an exquisite punishment video for your Monday afternoon commute…this British lad definitely pissed off his headmaster, enough to earn an OTK spanking, alashing with a leather strap, a proper BIRCHING, plus a whipping across the flesh of his back! What could he have done? Crumpets passed to the right instead of the left at tea? Mixing up the dessert fork and the fish fork at dinner hall? Good Lord what an intense beating! Video trailer below, link to full video available here.

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Straight lad gets a hell of a beating

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Jockstrap twink gets hot OTK spanking

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014

Chase Young is a fantastic, fresh looking twink from Alabama that look so sweet and innocent and happens to possess a magical, fleshy butt perfect for spanking. Jeff Stern gets the honor in this video, and he gleefully spanks that bubble butt like its a pinata. Adding to the amazing spanking is that Chase is wearing a sensational jockstrap that lifts his ass in the air and pushes it out. See if you can resist Chase and his jockstrap ass after you witness him getting spanked relentlessly over Jeff Stern’s knee. Click here to download the full length jockstrap spanking video.

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twink sweetheart gets his bubble butt spanked

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Hellacious Twink Spanking — British boy gets it bad!

Saturday, March 15th, 2014

Everyone get in line for some pain!  I found some new videos from British Boys Fetish Club — I’m going to roll them out slowly so you can savour them, and I hope you are in the mood for some really abusive spanking today! On the plus side, this slim twink has a great ass and really squirming with the punishment — that’s real agony :)

On the minus side — our fresh meat could just be squirming from embarrassment at being filmed with his “Daddy.” Swathed in the classic “One tequila, two tequila” t-shirt and pantsless…I dearly would not want to trade places with this twinky lad for a myriad of reasons.  Anyway, I should not be so critical when the spanking is of this high caliber.  Stay tuned for more adventures of pantless Daddy and Wunderkind, or check out British Boys Fetish Club for more awesome British Spanking videos.

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Fresh meat for the Gay War Games Soldiers

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

The homo commandos at Gay War Games are always trolling for fresh meat to satisfy their bottomless sadistic sexual appetites, and today they have found slim but wiry footballer Yanni. After snatching the sporty twink and abducting him back to their compound, Yanni is stripped and terrorized for the upcoming bondage fun. Also present for the sex slave party is “Jimbo” a French mercenary recently arrived in the area and sympathetic to the guerrilla cause, and as horny as the rest of them for fresh boy ass. Both soldiers engage in spanking Yanni across his ass to warm him up and get is fear levels rising. His ass is soon cherry red and he’s crying in pain at every strike of the hand on his flesh. Jimbo pulls out his fat black cock and makes the prisoner suck him off. The punishment is just beginning, and I can’t wait for the next episode! Enter here to watch more video footage of Twink Yanni getting snatched by homo soldiers and satisfying their sadistic fantasies!

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Twink Yanni gets picked up by horny gay soldiers and painfully spanked!

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