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Nude twinks Wrestling OMFG HOT

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Now I have been criminally withholding in not sharing this site — — I will spare you the obvious explanation (what’s in a name, afterall?). HGW finds super hot twinks and gets them worked up in primal, sexy wrestling shoots. These inexperienced young cubs are easily overwhelmed by arousal and they definitely let their young hormones get the better of them. If you love nude twink wrestling and grappling as much as I do, check out the full videos available at


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Nude Twink Oil Wrestling

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

It’s been so long since we have any twink wrestling on the site, but by popular demand, enjoy these gorgeous nude twinks having a messy wrestling match, their lean bodies drenched in oil and cream as they strain and struggle to pin their opponents. The match starts of with a frisky, kinky vibe, and the intensity builds as these twinks become more determined to emerge triumphant in their nude wrestling match. Enter here to view the entire photo set and full length video.

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Naked Kombat features Savage twink Brawler CJ

Monday, November 4th, 2013

So CJ ends up showing up on Twink Kink pretty regularly, because he is the only really twinky guy appearing on the network. Don’t get me wrong, I love CJ’s delicious body and I stiffen up every time I see that big cock of his. I love NakedKombat and ButtMachineBoys and BoundGods, but you can see why it’s not so easy finding our kind of twinks on their site. So without further ago, check out CJ appearing in with Adam Knox — it’s an intense bout and these gays really show how to fight out a grudge match! That’s real intensity on the screen, and you can clearly tell that the match winner has earned his right to fuck the disgraced loser. Click here to view the full video featuring CJ and Adam Knox.

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CJ wrestles again — More hot grappling action from a favourite Twink!

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Another big match to recap here! This bout feature’s our favourite CJ pitted against a pretender for the lightweight title at NakedKombat, and these lean lads give us a fantastic show! Muscles are straining as they struggle to pin their opponent and force him into submission. And we know that a submission earns the victor the right to fuck the loser in his tight asshole and shove his fat cock down his gasping throat. The match hits fever pitch as both wrestlers are doused in oil, and they strip away all clothing — the sight of these heaving bodies slick with oil struggling to best the other, as they cheat by clutching each other’s cocks and penetrate their assholes — it leaves the viewer breathless (and similarly covered in a slick substance). Click here to view the full video featuring CJ and DJ and see upcoming live NakedKombat Pay-per-View.

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