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Horny twink Kyler Moss fucks his sugar daddy

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Twink heartbreaker Kyler Moss has developed a huge crush on his after-school tutor Mike Manchester and the two have been hitting more than the books. Kyler’s mom found out about the petting, kissing and groping going on in Kyler’s bedroom after school instead of homework and she promptly fired Mike and tossed him out. Smitten and broken-hearted, Kyler kept texting Mike and pleading with him to come back and Mike couldn’t resist the charms of the slender, near perfect Kyler. So Mike crept back into Kyler’s house a few nights later and the two passionately kiss and tear at each other’s clothes. Naked, Mike gets on his knees and sucks on Kyler’s thick erection, and Kyler’s head falls back as the hot sensations of the older man’s mouth on his cock threaten to overwhelm him. Kyler regains his senses and wants to return the favour to Mike. He sucks on Mike’s hard cock with his beautiful mouth and then they both climb on the bed for some passionate banging. Mike rams his cock into Kyler’s perfect twink fuckhole and Kyler keeps begging for harder and faster penetration. mike flips Kyler on his back and fucks him missionary, and Kyler jacks his cock furiously in time with Mike’s pounding rhythms and spews a massive load of cum all over his quivering abdominal muscles. Click here to watch the complete daddy-twink seduction and bedroom fucking video.

horny twink Kyler Moss fucks his older sugar daddy

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Amazing twink Kyler Moss gets a hot spanking and hard fuck

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Simply put, this video is fucking nasty! Kyler Moss and Patrick Kennedy put together a nice after-school message type play about the consequences of teen smoking, and almost-convincing disciplinarian Patrick leads heartthrob Kyler by the ear to his parents’ guest bedroom for some dirty twink sex. Patrick maintains the flimsy narrative, ripping down Kyler’s pants and exposing his buttocks and then giving his some halfhearted whacks with something vaguely yardstick shaped. Kyler gamely tries to sell the limp-wristed punishment but I guess we can forgive him given what he has to go on. I mean seriously, will the twink porn genre ever produce one performer dedicated to the Method school of acting? I think Christian Bale has learned lethal combat techniques for at least 5 different movies, but Patrick practicing whacking his pillow with a stick the night before to make it look real? Preposterous! Anyway, I’m really not upset, given the level of superlative fucking these twinks throw at the camera after the veneer of plot slips away. Patrick’s cock is deliciously erect, and Kyler slurps it up like a little piglet before shoving his ass in the air and letting Patrick eat out his pink asshole while jerking his cock. The final sequence of Kyler furiously jacking his cock while Patrick is pounding his ass utterly captivates me…I’m jerking off in time to Kyler’s strokes but I always cum before him. Click here to watch the full twink kink video!

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amazing twink kyler moss gets a hot spanking and hard fuck

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Helpless twink Kyler Moss fucked and abused mercilessly by hairy Latino Daddy

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Don’t bother reading this. Don’t waste time reading about luscious twink Kyler Moss stripped naked and bound with tape. Watch the video and pump your cock while Kyler’s helpless image flickers in front of you, dragged around a dirty floor like a trussed rabbit by Alexsander Freitas. Don’t read meaningless words describing Kyler’s smooth, impossibly perfect skin and slender frame being battered and tossed around by the ultra masculine daddy, covered with coarse hair and vulgar tattoos. Every second you spend not fixated on the video are precious seconds of your life wasted not watching nature’s most perfect creation with his legs bent over his head, and a rough, tattooed hand probing his sweet boy-hole. Why bother reading my completely inadequate words when you could be rewinding and replaying Alex stuffing his huge 9 inch cock into Kyler’s ass and fucking him piledriver-style? Words cannot do justice to the sight of Alexsander fucking Kyler from behind and then yanking him to his knees by his hair and force-feeding him his giant cock. Kyler gags on the thick Latino cock but Alex is relentless, cramming it to the back of Kyler’s throat. Honestly, do I even need to tell you to click here to watch the complete twink/daddy bondage and rough sex video?

helpless twink Kyler Moss fucked and abused mercilessly by hairy Latino Daddy

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Kyler Moss pleads “Bang me Sugar Daddy”

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

I know, I know, updates have been pretty sparse the last few weeks, but I want to make it up to you, and I think you will really appreciate this clip from a red hot new twink/daddy hardcore site — Bang Me Sugar Daddy — this scene features my favourite American twink Kyler Moss getting fucked hard and deep by bearded Daddy Bryan Slater…Kyler is playing houseboy, charged with cleaning up his bedroom and tidying up the house but is putting in the most halfhearted effort that Bryan has ever seen. He is, however, completely smitten with the taught, slender Kyler, and wants to taste his flesh and feel him from the inside. Kyler offers no resistance and gleefully accepts the overtures of the older man, and the two strip, stroke each other’s hard cocks and engage in amazing oral sex. Bryan penetrates Kyler’s tight ass with his thick cock and pounds him while Kyler strokes his cock and shoots a giant wad. Bryan then finishes the scene with a volcanic ejaculation all over Kyler’s sweet face. Click here to see more of these intensely sexy and taboo Daddy/Twink hardcore videos.

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heartbreakingly fuckable twink Kyler Moss fucked hard by his sugar daddy

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Wonder Twink Kyler Moss Bound, Punished and Fucked!

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

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I do love prowling around for forgotten videos from some of my favourite twinks, and this holiday break I had the time to sift through the archives of Bare Twinks, the all twink bare-backing and kink site. Kyler Moss is a big star there, and this video from Spring of 2011 captivated me completely. Kyler Moss is bound and blindfolded on the bed by Roxy Red, who relishes the opportunity to rough up the pretty twink lad a little, to scuff off his shine. Roxy handcuffs Kyler and flips him on his stomach so he can take his time and spank that firm young ass. But in a fun twist, Roxy is not the scary top he’s been playing at. His boyfriend Preston comes home and lines up both of these twinks to suck his massive twink cock and make a bareback boy-fucking sandwich. I love the three-way fuck featuring Preston fucking Kyler with his big cock, and Kyler fucking Roxy up his tight hole. All around, an exceptional twink bondage/barebacking/punishment video. Click here to watch the complete twink fetish threesome video inside.

sexy twink Kyler Moss restrained and punished

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Plush twink gets his ass broken in

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

I thought I would spend Monday sorting through some archives for hidden gems, and here’s one from a few months ago that I wanted to post. It features my future boyfriend and love of my life Kyler Moss getting broken in by Andy Kay…his first hardcore video shoot for Boy Crush. Kyler (who I think looks way more adorable with short hair BTW) is stripped down to his undies, his ankles locked into a spreader bar and his wrists chained to the headboard of the bed. Andy approaches with the camera, silently lurking and not alerting the blindfolded Kyler. Andy makes his move, ripping of Kyler’s underpants and delivering stinging lashes with a leather paddle. Kyler tries to squirm away, but the restraints ensure there will be no freedom. Andy continues mercilessly lashing Kyler’s gorgeous, smooth ass, until the twink’s cock proves too tempting and Andy can’t help but swallowing Kyler’s big hot cock. Andy now strips naked and pushes his cock deep into Kyler’s ass stroking the twink’s dick while pumping furiously. They cum together and leave a mess all over Kyler’s gorgeous, sweet smiling face. Look at that huge grin he’s got while hot creamy cum drips down his face. Click here for more hot twink fetish play and bareback fucking.

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kinky twink endures painful sexy spanking

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