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Sexy chav lad gets a really hard spanking

Tuesday, July 8th, 2014

Jack is a tremendous find — he’s a straight 18 year old lad who has been living a rough and tumble life on the streets of Budapest since running away from boarding school two years ago. He’s not English, but he certainly is right out of the “chav lad” mold. He has come under the wing of the perverted mind behind “Spanking Boys” — the British expat prowling around Eastern Europe gorging himself on the flesh of rentboys and street lads, and Jack has earned himself a one-night stay in the Spanking Boys hotel. He has a fantastic bubble butt, and he really reacts with surprise and anguish at the pain of getting spanked so hard. I thought this clip was really fantastic, it features really unabashed, hard bare hand spanking, paddling and a teaser of some hot ass fucking. Click here to see the full length video of Chav lad Jack getting a hot male-on-male spanking for the first time.

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sexy chav lad gets a really hard spanking

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Brutal tops dominate and degrade worthless twink sub

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

The perverted bastards at have kidnapped an English schoolboi and are planning on selling him to a Russian pimp, but they want to sample the goods before the transaction. Master Daryl orders the lad to give him a lapdance, and when the twink fails to arouse him, he gives him a violent and painful lashing with his riding crop. He flicks cigar ashes in his face and mouth, spits beer all over the twink, beats and kicks him, flogs him som more with the riding crop before completely degrading him as a useless fuck toy by smearing him with gross, sticky food. It’s one of the most vile, bleak gay BDSM videos I’ve seen and its totally worth the price of admission at Download the shocking, offensive new public gay BDSM videos from Brutal Tops.

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Brutal tops dominate and degrade worthless twink sub

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Outdoor Twink Whipping

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Sexy twink favorite Bad Boy Ton is continuing his fetish fantasy exploration…he’s spent lots of valuable time as a submissive bottom, and now he’s showing his friends how to play all of the punishment and bondage games he’s already painfully learned. In this set, he’s got his friend isolated alone in the woods, stripped naked and chained to a tree, and Ton produces the leather whip he wants to inflict pain with. The other lad tries to free himself from the restraints, but Ton starts lashing his back and buttocks with the multi-tail flogger. Unsure at first, but gaining confidence with every stroke, Ton becomes more comfortable wielding the whip. His friend is cowed and feeling the burning lash of the whip, and soon the pain is too much to bear. He cries out every time the whip lashes his flesh, but Ton is now fully enjoying his power and is unwilling to stop. Click here to see the full video of fetish-loving twink Ton learning to love the power of the whip.

twinks indulge in outdoor bondage and whipping punishment

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Twink Spanking + Huge Cumshot

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Timur is incredibly horny and he has a beautiful blond twink in his captivity that he is supposed to be interrogating, but he seems more interested in releasing his sexual energy on the helpless boy. After keeping captive in the dungeon for a few days, Timur bring the twink upstairs to a more conventional apartment, where he lays the lad across his lap and yanks down his pants to reveal his smooth, cherry ass. He begins spanking Paul’s ass with his bare hand, kind of jokingly at first, but getting harder and harder, until the twink slave’s ass is red and throbbing with pain. Seeing the ass glistening and feeling it radiating heat is too much for Timur and he can’t contain himself any longer. He pulls out his own cock, thick and uncut; a bulging masterpiece and he penetrates Paul’s virgin hole and starts thrusting. The pain is unbelievable for Paul but Timor continues to fuck him like an animal until he pulls his cock out of the twink slave’s asshole and jacks a huge load of cum all over his face. Click here to see the entire twink military punishment and gay BDSM video inside.

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twink prisoner gets a bare hand spanking from muscular young soldier

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Lean twink gets an old time bare ass spanking

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Terry has a gorgeous, lean body, smooth and flawless. Perhaps it’s a growing arrogance or overconfidence in his maturing, sexy body that led his Daddy to take him over the knee to humble him and renew his respect for authority. Terry, a little surprisingly, complies with the instruction to bend over Daddy’s knee to get his bare hand spanking on his juicy buttocks. Perhaps her was aware of the camera running and eager to show off his fit, young ass to an audience even if it meant receiving a stinging spanking. Moreover, Terry lets Daddy slide down his underpants, baring his nude buttocks to the camera and then Daddy goes about the business of traditional Corporal Punishment with the back of a stout wooden hairbrush. Terry’s cries become more animated as his Daddy’s blows come faster and the hurt more and leave a deeper, darker bruise on Terry’s sweet and tender flesh. Click here to watch the full video of Terry’s OTK spanking and corporal punishment training for yourself.

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insolent young lad taken over the knee for an old fashioned spanking

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Tattooed rentboy gets a hot spanking

Friday, May 16th, 2014

If you are a fan of twinks getting spanked and humiliated, then this video clip is really going to get you hard. Darrel is a 20 year old bisexual twink from Budapest, and he’s dabbled in some bondage and spanking, so he thinks he’s pretty hardcore. He has never encountered a really dedicated spanking enthusiast, so when he meets an older man in a bar and accepts his invitation for drinks and “playful fun” his expectations are wildly different than his new rough trick’s. Darrel is expecting the older man to worship his cock, jerk him off and then give up his ass, but the older man is far more wily. He orders Darrel to strip for him and then he starts spanking his bare buttocks with his open hand. Darrel is shocked and frightened at how hard and painful the spanking is. The older man is unrelenting, punishing him mercilessly with his bare hand spanking, eventually getting a leather strap to multiply the pain. After Darrel’s ass is throbbing with pain and tears are still streaming down his face, the older man unsheathes his cock and vigorously fucks the younger man’s tender ass.
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Tattooed rentboy gets a hot spanking

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