Horny soldiers spank, punish and fuck twink prisoner

March 13th, 2014

Hooray! GayWarGames gives us the second trailer from “the Football Player” featuring slim, wiry twink Yanni and the new black mercenary on the squad “Jimbo”. The soldiers are not fucking around in this trailer…they are hungry for fresh meat, and horny after being in the field so long. Yanni’s sweet ass is begging to be punished, and his slim body is magnetic for the soldier’s caress and their punishing aggression. Jimbo and Ivan slap Yanni’s ass while pinching his fat uncut cock with tight pegs, and then handcuff his hands behind his back and make the twink slave deepthroat that fat, hard dicks. Yanni gags, but does his best to impress his captors. Jimbo’s thick black cock dominates his mouth, stretching him wide open. I can’t wait to see more of him in action! Enter here see more hot gay bdsm featuring Yanni submitting to the sadistic punishment of Jimbo and Ivan at GayWarGames.com!

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Twink punishment and hot forced deepthroat

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Gay War Games — Twink prisoners ass-fucked with dildos

March 11th, 2014

Our Favourite queer commandos at GayWarGames have released another sexy propaganda video — these heroic gay soldiers are recruiting new freedom fighters, and its surely time to test their mettle, with handcuffs, spanking, and anal penetration. The soldiers amuse themselves by fucking their raw recruits in the mouth, and also using huge dildos to fuck them in the ass. These twinks are helpless and humiliated getting double fucked by our heroic freedom fighters at GayWarGames. Click here to watch the full length video at GayWarGames.com :)

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Click here to watch the full length video at GayWarGames.com


Farmboy Twink Spanked Outside

March 9th, 2014
Click for video (WMV)

click for video (WMV)

click for video (WMV)

Strapping young John-Boy gets a stern open handed spanking from his boss in the field, and the old man grabs a handful of cock too. Johnny’s balls get pulled and squeezed, and that cock gets a good tugging too. This gallery is from SpankingTwinks.com and it definitely got me off.

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Twink foot tickling fetish

March 7th, 2014

So I hope this clip lifts your spirits before you have to trudge back to work tomorrow — it’s a classic I dug up from the BoyFetishCentral.com archive and it features my favourite future boyfriend Bad Boy Ton roped naked to a chair with his bare feet in the air and getting tickled on the soles of his feet. Ton is gagged with a strip of duct tape but you can hear his muffled laughter and get a warm tingly feeling inside. His Daddy is using a pair of knitting needles to poke and probe the soles of Ton’s gorgeous feet and Ton is quite helpless with laughter (not that his restraints would allow him to do anything to stop it :) ) After a while to tormenting Ton’s feet, Daddy switches it up and starts poking and stroking the twink slave’s soft ball sack with the needles, provoking even more uncontrollable laughter. Click here to see more incredible kinky twink fantasy videos!

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twink foot tickling fetish

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Hot gay soldiers rope and fuck their new slave

March 5th, 2014

Here’s part two of a Gay War Games episode entitled “The Builder” I didn’t post part one when it was released about a month ago because I was so underwhelmed by the new sub brought in for the title role. He definitely does not meet any definition of twink that I would use: kinda soft in the middle, terrible hair…just incredibly average. So I skipped that update for twinkkink. So now I get the second trailer, and its a big step up. Mr. Average, or “Jan” as he is billed on the GWG tour, is really getting his ass worked over by Mecko and Becko…a real rough spit-roast going on. Jan looks like he’s never been fucked like that, and the two soldiers are getting really abusive, screaming in his face and slapping him around. Then they get out their ropes and put Jan in a modified hogtie (wrists lashed to knees) and force him to crawl and grovel. Maybe I shouldn’t have written this episode off so quickly. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Enter here to see the full rough sex and rope bondage thriller from GayWarGames.com

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Hot lean young soldiers rope and fuck their new sex slave

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BangBus, Tchukistan style

March 3rd, 2014

Falco is a chav-style twink from Eastern Europe…He’s a gangster wannabe, involving himself in petty crime to keep himself from actually working a real job. Most of his criminal schemes don’t work out so well, like today’s failed plot which leaves him stranded in the countryside in the rain, forced to walk home. But before long a van comes along and Falco thinks he’s finally going to get some good luck, but for him, it’s worse than he can imagine. It’s a coupe of local thugs sent to snatch him because of a scam he’s being trying to run. They are wearing ski masks and they muscle him into their van (which they probably borrowed from their mom)…they bind his legs and wrist with tape and slap some over his mouth too. They don’t want to hear him screaming, because they plan on inflicting heavy punishment of this twink gangster. Falco’s pants get yenked down and his captor starts yanking his cock, and Falco gets a huge erection! Who could have thought getting kidnapped and held in bondage was so arousing for a straight lad like Falco? His masked captor pulls down his own pants and starts stroking their cocks in tandem, even going so far as to suck Falco’s cock for him. Click here to see the full video of the abduction and the hot oral action in the van.

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twinky chav snatched off the road by perverted kidnappers

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