Boy Fetish BDSM Photo Set — Nino & Baxter

August 15th, 2014


Here’s a particularly nasty photo set from the pervs at — enjoy Nino, usually the Boss around his twink toys, get some comeuppance from his former slave Baxter. Nino gets strapped on his back and slapped ruthlessly on the arms, legs, torso and crotch. Baxter gets extra creative in his torture methods, clamping down a heavy 10lb weight on Nino’s throbbing genitals. Its an epic Twink Torture depiction from BoyFetish, click to visit the site for more photos and full video!






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Dungeon Torture — Twink and Euro-trash

August 13th, 2014

How about another kinda cheesy but still way hot twinkbondage movie, this time from

Featuring a very scrumptious blond boy morsel with a nice fat cock, and his tormenter, who is

a) wearing an mullet
b) wearing sandals
c) wearing a pvc jockstrap of some sort.

If that does not add up to fearsome tormentor, I guess its time to retire.

Anyway, master teases slave with the riding crop while the poor boy suffers on the St. Andrews cross. My favourite part comes at about 0:56 of the video – we get a really hot closeup of the twink’s chest and face…so sweet! Someone must save him from his low-rent dominator!

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Check out the full video and way more trashy Euro twink domination and humiliation at


Enema Twink

August 11th, 2014

Here’s a rarity for you to enjoy — a twink enema video featuring a very talented young man spreading his ass wide, permitting his Daddy to lube and probe his asshole with not one but two gloved fingers, massaging his sphincter to get him ready for a jet of water to clean him out. As the water flushes in, the twink slave is instructed to hold it in, but the plan is a little shaky…The master injected too much air up the slave’s rectum, and now the young man is farting and letting the water gurgle out his wet hole. The master tries again, using more pressure when he probes the twink’s asshole and injecting the water into his body. The closeup perspective of the video gives you a marvelous view of this delicious boy-hole. Treat yourself to a hot twink anal probe and enema video — visit the Boy Fetish Central tour now!

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Twink slave indulges sick master's enema fetish

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Twink Bullied after School

August 9th, 2014

Jerome is the star student in his class, but his long girly hair, his arrogant attitude, and his flamingly gay behaviour makes him the most hated lad in school. After school, he takes a walk alone in the woods to read and do his homework, and presumably to read Shakespeare’s sonnets aloud to squirrels and sparrows, or some other similar pretentious bullshit. Unknown to him however, he has been followed by a classmate who is incredibly angry with this sissy making the rest of the class look bad. The bully confronts Jerome and knock him down and then starts hitting him with his own textbook. Jerome is too weak to fight back so he tries to curl into a ball, but the raging student kicks him, whips him with a belt and rips the twinks clothing to tatters. The scene jumps to the bathroom at the school, and Jerome is getting his long, beautiful hair dunked into the urinal and he is forced to drink the putrid water out of the bowl. The bully keeps slapping Jerome in the face and screaming at him. Disturbing and powerfully erotic. Click here to watch the full video of Jerome’s bullied toilet dunk.

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super fay twink abused by his school bully

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All-American Lads Bukkake Cum Bath Orgy

August 7th, 2014

All American lad Brendan Tyler is the featured fuck doll in this incredibly sexy bukkake orgy! See him take it bareback in his ass while servicing ten more cocks with his mouth! And he lies back and lets every huge cock spray a hot load across his pretty face until he’s a sticky, gooey mess (although with a huge grin). You have to see the whole orgy to appreciate Brendan’s sexy talents — click here to see this Bukkake Boys exclusive!

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hot american twinks in bukkake cum shower party

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Twink-on-twink spanking trailer

August 5th, 2014

Here’s a fun, campy twink spanking video that I hope will make your Saturday morning a bit brighter! This trailer is from and it features muscle pup Michael Lee working out his frustration with roommate Jacobey London and his inconsiderate habits. The clip opens with Michael venting his anger after Jacobey fails to show up to give him a ride to the airport. Michael has missed his flight and he accuses Jacobey of every stereotypical twink behaviour for being late: he was sucking strangers’ cocks at the nightclub all night, he was getting his asshole bleached, he was re-organizing his collection of hair products and moisturizers. Finally Michael tosses Jacobey on the bed and yanks down his pants and starts spanking him with his bare hand, first over the underwear and then on the naked flesh. Michael than breaks out the toys, paddling Jacobey’s tender twink ass with a fraternity paddle and then a ping-pong style paddle until the whiny twink is crying for mercy. Watch the full video to see the full extent of Michael’s revenge of silly, slutty Jacobey!

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hot muscle pup spanks whiny twink

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