Nude Twink Oil Wrestling

June 22nd, 2014

It’s been so long since we have any twink wrestling on the site, but by popular demand, enjoy these gorgeous nude twinks having a messy wrestling match, their lean bodies drenched in oil and cream as they strain and struggle to pin their opponents. The match starts of with a frisky, kinky vibe, and the intensity builds as these twinks become more determined to emerge triumphant in their nude wrestling match. Enter here to view the entire photo set and full length video.

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Twink Spanking Threesome

June 20th, 2014

Skyelr Bleu has found his roommates rummaging through his stash of gay porn magazines, and angry that they invaded his privacy and made a huge mess, he is going to punish them the way he has been taught to do — a good hard spanking. Skyelr gives Roxy and Zack several really hard slaps across the ass and then brings out the leather riding crop to really dominate their round twink asses. The punishment gets more intense and their suffering becomes unbearable, at which point, the twink slaves offer to double-team Skyelr’s cock and give him a hot wet blowjob to make up for their trespass. Skyelr triumphantly accepts and lets his twink bitches suck his fat cock until he unloads his hot cum across their cute faces. Enter here to watch the entire hardcore spanking threesome in HD

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Skyelr punishes naughty twinks Roxy and Zack

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Aaron Slater — Twink bound in plastic and tormented

June 18th, 2014

Aaron Slater visits the BoyNapped Dungeon
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Here’s a special Friday gift from the perverts at On a return visit to the dungeon is straight boy Aaron Slater, who endured hot wax torture at the hands of Sebastian during his last visit. This time, Sebastian wraps him up in Chains and strokes his lovely bulging cock. This straight boy is easily aroused and is ready to blow in no time, and after Sebastian coaxes his sticky wad, Aaron finds himself being wound with plastic film and completely immobilized. Sebastian continues to milk Aaron’s highly sensitized cock, and the poor boy madly has to take a pee. Sebastian takes a huge amount of glee in torturing the lad restricting his piss. Enter here for more videos of bound boys fucked and pissing…


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Fit young Soccer stud invasively examined by perverted club officials

June 16th, 2014

Young soccer sensation Steven is getting a shot with his favourite pro club, and before he can show his talents on the pitch, he must submit to a thorough interview and examination in the boardroom. Under the glaring eyes of the team coach, doctor, and president, Steve is ordered to remove his warm-up gear and strip naked. The hands of his examiners are all over him: weighing his balls, measuring his dick, sniffing his asshole, caressing his muscles. Steven is mute and meekly submits to the incredibly creepy examination in hopes of fulfilling his dream of playing soccer with his favourite club, but the glee these perverted old fucks take at ogling and fondling every inch of his flesh has him taking second thoughts. See the full video documentation of Steven’s exam exclusively at!

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soccer star invasively examined by club officials

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And finally, I get around to talking about Twinklight

June 14th, 2014

So as always, I am the one who is late to the party. I know that the twink vampire porn production masterpiece “Twinklight” has been available forever now, but I resisted watching it for fear that the parody bent would end up robbing me of my enjoyment of watching naked twinks having epic fetish sex. I was worried that these twinks I love like Skyelr Blue, Krys Perez and Brice Carson would be reduced to foolish capering and the worst community dinner theater level of acting, but when I finally steeled myself and watched the gay twink vampire romance epic, my fears were unfounded. Thankfully, none of the actors are taking themselves too seriously, and the acting and the storyline don’t trample over the hot, hard, twink sex. In this clip Krys Perez and Brice Carson passionately kiss and swiftly start undressing each other and caressing each other’s hard cocks. Krys, playing “Edmund,” flashes his fangs while he sucks off Brice and takes it to an incredibly hot level when he fucks his playmate’s throat! Fast-forward to the end of the clip, where after some intense twink vampire fucking, “Edmund” sinks his fangs into the neck of his victim, creating a gory, bloody mess. A much harder edge than what I was expecting. Click here to watch the entire scene and entire library of hardcore twink vampire fucking videos from

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twinks portray vampires and suck cocks and blood

Watch the entire twin vampire saga from the beginning here


Extreme twink spanking clip

June 12th, 2014

Enjoy this incredibly viscious twink spanking video from BritishBoysFetishClub — two yummy lads are stripped naked poolside and their Daddy gives them a cruel and unbelievably hot paddle spanking across their delicious bubble butts. These Brit twinks are in real pain, and the screm every time the padles slacks their flesh. Daddy evne breaks out the cane for some old school gya punishment and pain! Enter here to see the full videos from British Boys Fetish Club and browse the fetish DVD collection!

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