Jockstrap twink gets hot OTK spanking

March 19th, 2014

Chase Young is a fantastic, fresh looking twink from Alabama that look so sweet and innocent and happens to possess a magical, fleshy butt perfect for spanking. Jeff Stern gets the honor in this video, and he gleefully spanks that bubble butt like its a pinata. Adding to the amazing spanking is that Chase is wearing a sensational jockstrap that lifts his ass in the air and pushes it out. See if you can resist Chase and his jockstrap ass after you witness him getting spanked relentlessly over Jeff Stern’s knee. Click here to download the full length jockstrap spanking video.

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twink sweetheart gets his bubble butt spanked

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Twink CBT and shaming

March 17th, 2014

Bad Boy Ton has been getting lazy, and his Daddy is pissed and motivated to corect his sloppy behaviour. Firstly, Ton has not been maintaining his appearance, letting his pubic region grow into a bushy mess! Daddy hates this, preferring his young lovers keep their body hair trimmed to a minimum (as we all should!). So what’s the punishment and how can Ton learn to please his Daddy better? He’s tied at the wrists and secured to a hook high above his head. Daddy strips him naked and lets the camera get a really good look at how messy and unkempt Ton’s pubes are. “Have more pride in yourself!” “Your cock looks so small in that bush!” Daddy uses a pair of clippers to clean up most of the hairy mess, shaving them down neat and clean. But to punish Ton and teach him a valuable lesson about obeying Daddy’s rules, Daddy starts tying Ton’s balls off with a length of heavy guage wire, until they are constricted and bulging, looking like a piece of hanging fruit. Then Daddy starts wrapping the wire around Ton’s cock, getting him semi-hard, but not allowing in enough blood for him to become fully erect. Ton’s cock head bulges out the end of the wire wrapping, pulsating and purple, and Daddy punishes him further, using the sharp end of a toothpick to needle his swollen cock. Click here to see the full video of Ton’s shaming and painful CBT punishment.

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sweet twink Ton gets his pubes shaved plus CBT

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Hellacious Twink Spanking — British boy gets it bad!

March 15th, 2014

Everyone get in line for some pain!  I found some new videos from British Boys Fetish Club — I’m going to roll them out slowly so you can savour them, and I hope you are in the mood for some really abusive spanking today! On the plus side, this slim twink has a great ass and really squirming with the punishment — that’s real agony :)

On the minus side — our fresh meat could just be squirming from embarrassment at being filmed with his “Daddy.” Swathed in the classic “One tequila, two tequila” t-shirt and pantsless…I dearly would not want to trade places with this twinky lad for a myriad of reasons.  Anyway, I should not be so critical when the spanking is of this high caliber.  Stay tuned for more adventures of pantless Daddy and Wunderkind, or check out British Boys Fetish Club for more awesome British Spanking videos.

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Horny soldiers spank, punish and fuck twink prisoner

March 13th, 2014

Hooray! GayWarGames gives us the second trailer from “the Football Player” featuring slim, wiry twink Yanni and the new black mercenary on the squad “Jimbo”. The soldiers are not fucking around in this trailer…they are hungry for fresh meat, and horny after being in the field so long. Yanni’s sweet ass is begging to be punished, and his slim body is magnetic for the soldier’s caress and their punishing aggression. Jimbo and Ivan slap Yanni’s ass while pinching his fat uncut cock with tight pegs, and then handcuff his hands behind his back and make the twink slave deepthroat that fat, hard dicks. Yanni gags, but does his best to impress his captors. Jimbo’s thick black cock dominates his mouth, stretching him wide open. I can’t wait to see more of him in action! Enter here see more hot gay bdsm featuring Yanni submitting to the sadistic punishment of Jimbo and Ivan at!

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Twink punishment and hot forced deepthroat

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Gay War Games — Twink prisoners ass-fucked with dildos

March 11th, 2014

Our Favourite queer commandos at GayWarGames have released another sexy propaganda video — these heroic gay soldiers are recruiting new freedom fighters, and its surely time to test their mettle, with handcuffs, spanking, and anal penetration. The soldiers amuse themselves by fucking their raw recruits in the mouth, and also using huge dildos to fuck them in the ass. These twinks are helpless and humiliated getting double fucked by our heroic freedom fighters at GayWarGames. Click here to watch the full length video at :)

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Farmboy Twink Spanked Outside

March 9th, 2014
Click for video (WMV)

click for video (WMV)

click for video (WMV)

Strapping young John-Boy gets a stern open handed spanking from his boss in the field, and the old man grabs a handful of cock too. Johnny’s balls get pulled and squeezed, and that cock gets a good tugging too. This gallery is from and it definitely got me off.

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