Chained twink gets his cherry ass fingered for medical exam

October 16th, 2014

Who has been putting off that trip to the doctor for their annual medical exam? I never seem to get my ass down there on time, but maybe this video clip will serve as in inspiration for all of us slackers. This brave twink (chained as though he might be) gets his ass lubed and fingered by his doctor’s big meaty hand; thick fingers probing inside his cherry asshole, stretching him out until he’s ready to take the nozzle of an enema. Then his doctor squeezes his balls until they look like they might pop, and he squirts all of the liquid out his ass in a hot stream. Check out more twink medical fetish videos inside.

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chained twink gets his cherry ass fingered for medical exam

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Gay War Games — New Episode, “Payback” feat. spanking and pissing

October 14th, 2014

Apparently, payback is a bitch. Tchukistan rebel collaborator Carl has been holding out on his comrades and it has finally pushed them over the line. If he won’t hand over their full share of the bribes he’s collected, they are going to take their payment in flesh and punishment. Carl obviously doesn’t watch the recent footage coming out of the war-ravaged area, because he calls their bluff, but Mecko, Becko and Max overpower him, strip him naked and punish his ass. These soldiers have no use for subtlety, they favour painful blows to the backside with boots and slapping hands. Carl tries to fight, but his resistance is met with mocking and hot streams of piss showering down on him from his captor’s cocks. They force his mouth open to taste their piss and suck their cocks. It’s going to be an ugly day for Carl. Enter here to see the full GayWarGames episode, “Payback”.

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Homo commandos exact revenge on a traitor

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New from Gay War Games — “Wrong Turn” feat. Radko

October 12th, 2014


Those hardcore homo commandos at GayWarGames are keeping very busy! Here’s another brand new trailer for their latest video “Wrong Turn” featuring slim twink bottom Radko. The sex is brutal — Radko’s captors pull him into an abandoned building, bind him and strip him and start pushing their pulsing cocks into his fag mouth. Our swarthy heroes double team Radko’s ass, stretching out the tight virgin hole with their thick cocks until they are ready to spew and then they jack their loads across Radko’s face! Get a taste with the trailer below, and visit for the full video!





Video Clip:

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Hot young twink gets slippered

October 10th, 2014

Here’s a bonus twink spanking video for the holiday weekend…enjoy twink sweetheart Ton getting his gorgeous bubble butt spanked with a sandal while he toys with his cock and yummy ballsack! That’s right, enjoy some rare twink slippering action, and Bad Boy Ton is feeling the pain to turn you on. He is groaning every time the slipper smacks his ass, and his ass gets redder and redder, while his cock gets harder and harder! If you want to see this amazing twink lad in even more sexy fetish scenes, go to his official site for lots more twink fetish videos in HDClick here to download the full slippering punishment video for yourself.

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twink gets his fine ass spanked with shoe

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Brutal Twink Spanking — Training a Master pt 1

October 8th, 2014

This video is absolutely brutal…this is the roughest spanking I have seen in ages, if not ever, and these twink boys are slapped, lashed, manhandled and abused by an utterly cruel and sadistic pig-daddy. How much do those lashings hurt? I could not even begin to grasp the pain those twinks are in. Anyway, Daddy, starts with a lot of no-nonsense open handed OTK spanking, and then begins to work over his slaves with the belt. Plus he has a young master-in training, masked, who he appears to be training to weild the lash as well. Look for more from him in upcoming posts…this is part 1 of 3. Enter here for more videos of brutal twink spanking….

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New Gay War Games trailer — “the Banker” oral BDSM

October 6th, 2014

All GayWarGames fans are in for a real treat today…another premier trailer for their new video “The Banker” featuring cruel and sexy queer commandos Ivan and Becko. Their patrol comes across an Italian banker’s broken down car, and when he thinks assistance has arrived, out come the handcuffs and some extreme verbal abuse. The Banker’s hands are cuffed behind his back, he’s flipped around and Ivan and Becko start to strip him naked. The Banker is lean and tattooed, and has a delicious set of six-pack abs. Forced to his knees, the Banker tries to refuse the throbbing erect cock pushed into his face, but a few slaps in the face and some arm twisting changes is mind and Ivan and Becko are soon sliding their long hot cocks down his throat. They force him to go back and forth and take both cocks in his mouth at once, mocking him and shouting at him to do a better job — his survival hinges on his cocksucking abilities. After humiliating their new prisoner on the side of the road with forced oral, Ivan and Beck pile the Banker into their jeep for more interrogation at their hidden forest hideaway. Enter here to see the Banker’s full punishment and forced blowjob ordeal on the Gay War Games tour

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gay war games commando bondage and forced oral

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