Severe British Gay Twink Spanking — Training a Master pt 3

The final in the trilogy — the hopeful young masked master gets another chance to show his mentor that he can administer punishment and pain in the appropriate, traditional British manner. First the mentor demonstrates the proper bare handed spanking technique on the backsides of two gorgeous twink lads, and then the young master-in-training gets his turn delivering devastating lashes with a leather belt to a pain-wracked twink laying prone on the sofa. His spanking technique seems devastating and his slave is writhing in anguish, but its not up to the punishment standard of the mentor. He unleashes verbal abuse at the twink-cum-punisher, telling him that the slave has to know that he is being punished, and that he must only feel pain. The mentor calls the efforts of his pupil “bullshit” and proceeds to take the failing boy-master over his own knee and administer a severe are handed OTK spanking to deliver his message that pain and punishment are the only things that matter. Enter here for more gay British spanking video…

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