Enema Twink

Here’s a rarity for you to enjoy — a twink enema video featuring a very talented young man spreading his ass wide, permitting his Daddy to lube and probe his asshole with not one but two gloved fingers, massaging his sphincter to get him ready for a jet of water to clean him out. As the water flushes in, the twink slave is instructed to hold it in, but the plan is a little shaky…The master injected too much air up the slave’s rectum, and now the young man is farting and letting the water gurgle out his wet hole. The master tries again, using more pressure when he probes the twink’s asshole and injecting the water into his body. The closeup perspective of the video gives you a marvelous view of this delicious boy-hole. Treat yourself to a hot twink anal probe and enema video — visit the Boy Fetish Central tour now!

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Twink slave indulges sick master's enema fetish

Enter here to see the full video of this twink getting his ass probed and flushed

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