More CMNM Twink Domination – Don stripped, wanked and anally violated

Unlucky Don is about to get an unpleasant examination at the hands of 3 aggressive, dominant tops at CMNM. The three tops are giddy at the opportunity to get their hands on this smooth twink, eagerly stripping him naked, and groping his thick cock. Don has never had another man touch his genitals before, and he squirms as he tries to just endure the unpleasant ordeal. His discomfort is a big turn on for his tormentors who are developing an intense curiosity in Don’s virgin asshole. They want to see how wide a dildo they can insert in his hot hole, and he grimaces as they lube him with a thick, hairy finger,and then slide a fat dildo into his ass. As Don grits his teeth, three sets of hands are anally violating him, manhandling his cock and playing with his balls, and generally rubbing him in a manner he described as “intensely creepy.” Enter here to see the entire video featuring hot Don and his intense sexual encounter at!

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yummy twink stripped, groped and violated

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