Twinks display Nude Karate Fighting skills

Smooth lads display their martial arts prowess in this outstanding set from Hot Guys Wrestling. These gorgeous euro twinks (Sascha and Alexi) have been sparring with each other for months, each honing their bodies and their fighting skills, and they are happy to put on this display and prove to the other who the superior karate student is. Training and fighting in such close quarters for so long has brought these lads into a close emotional bond as well, and as they start out casual (and even flirtatious) in their match, things become more heated and clothing gets pulled off and skin on skin contact begins. Soon, these young warriors have completely stripped each other nude and are trying to “accidentally” rub up against the other’s fat young cock. You can feel the intensity pouring through the screen in this set…enter here to view the entire photo set and full length video.

hot twinks wrestle and fight in the nude!

Enter here to see the entire twink karate fighting video

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