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Gay War Games — Extreme Foot worship + humiliation

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Another week goes by, and its another brutal piece of propaganda from the Gay War Games Rebel-controlled media. This week they have released new footage from “The Redneck” featuring buff Marko, captured in the countryside and stripped naked, handcuffed, sodomized and face fucked. What could be left to do to this humiliated lad? What shred of dignity is left to degrade? Mecko and Ivan take turns skull fucking Marko and fingering his asshole, and then they trade off forcing Marko to smell their filty feet, forcing him to taste their sweaty disgusting socks. Marko is repulsed, but forced to comply. How much more can Marko stand? What will these homo commandos come up with next to grind the will of their slave into dust? Click here to see Marko’s degrading BDSM ordeal at

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Buff Country boy seized and abused by Gay War Games Commandos

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Terrified Twink publicy fucked and humiliated

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

Let’s get back to suffering Dimitri at Straight Hell for a minute. The last time we saw him, he was badmouthing gays at a Pride Parade before being led into the local park by Straight Hell tops Dave and Maurice — Dimitri thinks they’re off to the pub, by Mo and Dave are aiming to teach him a lesson in humiliation and shame by way of assfucking and sucking dick. This new trailer rewinds a little, and shows Dimitri being forced to prance around in public in skimpy shorts and then naked, displaying all of the “gay” behaviours he deplores so much. The trailer cuts back to the park, and Maurice continues fucking Dimitri’s mouth with aggressive zeal. Dimitri is overwhelmed with pain and shame as Dave shoves his head further down on Maurice’s cock. Click to Straight Hell to see Dimitri’s entire humiliation punishment.

Click here to see part 1 — Public Twink Punishment

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More twink Horror Bondage

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

I thought it would be fitting for Halloween to add a clip from Boy Crush that mimics the Nightmare on Elm Street scenario. The clip features, mouth-wateringly waifish emo twink Roxy and tough-as-leather Ryan. Roxy slips into his nightmare and seemingly awakes in a Freddy Kreuger-esque torture dungeon. Ryan gleefully dons the trademark hat, sweater and razor blade glove of the horror icon and begins to abuse and torment his frightened captive. He teases Roxy’s pale, taut flesh with the bladed hand, then cuts off his underwear to reveal the twink’s hot cock. Ryan then strips naked to reveal his own sweet, lithe, sinewy body, and he inserts an electro stim device into Roxy’s urethra. Roxy twists and moans in a mixture of pain and pleasure as Ryan cranks the voltage through his cock. Finally, Ryan mounts Roxy and fucks his ass bareback, really hammering away at his delicious tight hole until he shoots a wad of hot cum all over Roxy’s smooth ass. Click here to get the full video of this instant classic Twink Horror Bondage Bareback fuckfest.

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twink slasher movie bondage fantasy

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Luscious twink bound and tormented

Friday, July 4th, 2014

It seems like forever since I’ve featured a post with the sadistic rituals of Sebastien Kain of, and now witness his triumphant return to the dungeon as he pervs all over the slim, perfect body of blond twink Justin James. Justin was easily lured into the dungeon, he has a thing for older dudes with money, and Sebastien had not trouble convincing him to get naked, except for a blindfold. He lays the perfect twink down on a bench and ties up his wrists and ankles; Justin begins to struggle a bit, sensing things are going off the rails, but he is now hopelessly entangled in Sebastien’s web now. Sebastian tickles the poor lad, giving him a serious case of the creeps, and then he tests the lad’s pain threshold, running up and down his body with a pinwheel. Jusint squeaks like a little mouse and tries to wriggle free, but he’s not going anywhere. Sebastien then fixes his attention to Justin’s juicy uncut cock, binding the shaft and balls with a thin cord and tying it to his big toes: too much kicking will result in deliciously painful yanking and twisting of the twink’s penis. After Justin is completely helpless, Seb indulges in one of his favourite kinks, namely getting the boy wet and messy and then shaving off all of his pubic hair. Click here to watch Sebastien’s reign of terror on this deliciously trapped twink bondage slave.

luscious twink bound and tormented

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BoyNapped update: Smooth twink Liam rope bound and fucked!

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Sebastian has got a new rent boy in the BoyNapped suite, Liam King. This clip features Sebastian inspecting Liam’s fresh-as-a-baby’s asshole — smooth, clean, hairless! Liam struggles in his restraints — his ankles are chained to a spreader bar, as are his wrists and biceps! Sebastian uses intricate knots to get his twink slave in the right amount of tingling pain before the pleasure and abuse begins. Sebastian has the tasty morsel on his knees, bent over, exposing his hot hole. Sebastian slides his finger in and Liam moans, and Sebastian cuts of the foreplay and just gets to rutting. He slams his cock into Liam’s ass until he’s a bout to bust a nut, but then remembers the greater purpose, and flips the twink slave over, grasping both cocks in his hand, jacking both off, before the send a double shot of cum across Liam’s abs. Enter BoyNapped to see Liam’s hot bondage fucking debut full video.

Liam King

Liam King bondage fucking images

Enter BoyNapped to see Liam King’s full bondage punishment fucking video!

Brutal tops dominate and degrade worthless twink sub

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

The perverted bastards at have kidnapped an English schoolboi and are planning on selling him to a Russian pimp, but they want to sample the goods before the transaction. Master Daryl orders the lad to give him a lapdance, and when the twink fails to arouse him, he gives him a violent and painful lashing with his riding crop. He flicks cigar ashes in his face and mouth, spits beer all over the twink, beats and kicks him, flogs him som more with the riding crop before completely degrading him as a useless fuck toy by smearing him with gross, sticky food. It’s one of the most vile, bleak gay BDSM videos I’ve seen and its totally worth the price of admission at Download the shocking, offensive new public gay BDSM videos from Brutal Tops.

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Brutal tops dominate and degrade worthless twink sub

Enter here to see the entire humiliation and degradation of the whore boi by the Brutal Tops exclusively at!

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