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Aaron Slater — Twink bound in plastic and tormented

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

Aaron Slater visits the BoyNapped Dungeon
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Here’s a special Friday gift from the perverts at On a return visit to the dungeon is straight boy Aaron Slater, who endured hot wax torture at the hands of Sebastian during his last visit. This time, Sebastian wraps him up in Chains and strokes his lovely bulging cock. This straight boy is easily aroused and is ready to blow in no time, and after Sebastian coaxes his sticky wad, Aaron finds himself being wound with plastic film and completely immobilized. Sebastian continues to milk Aaron’s highly sensitized cock, and the poor boy madly has to take a pee. Sebastian takes a huge amount of glee in torturing the lad restricting his piss. Enter here for more videos of bound boys fucked and pissing…


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Amazing Twink Suspension Bondage

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Here is an amazing clip of twink bondage featuring Luke Desmond looking stunning and luscious while hanging from the ceiling. He is utterly helpless, looking so fetching and vulnerable, and here comes big bad Sebastian to take advantage. This clip is all about dildo training and edging. Sebastian stuffs a huge dildo up Luke’s hole and fondles his genitals. He squeezes Luke’s balls and jacks his cock, and even Sebastian can resist sucking him off for a while. Soon, the helpless twink is hard and Sebastian slips a penis pump over his erect member and applies pressure, more pressure than Luke has ever felt on his cock. He moans and struggles, but Sebastian keeps applying pressure and slapping his balls around. Finally Sebastian relents and removes the penis pump and starts jacking off Luke’s hard cock, and just as Luke is about to release his gushing load, Sebastian stops and forces Luke to hang there helplessly and suffer through his unfulfilled orgasm. Click here to watch the full length twink bondage orgasm denial video.

luscious twink suspension bondage

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Outdoor Twink Whipping

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

Sexy twink favorite Bad Boy Ton is continuing his fetish fantasy exploration…he’s spent lots of valuable time as a submissive bottom, and now he’s showing his friends how to play all of the punishment and bondage games he’s already painfully learned. In this set, he’s got his friend isolated alone in the woods, stripped naked and chained to a tree, and Ton produces the leather whip he wants to inflict pain with. The other lad tries to free himself from the restraints, but Ton starts lashing his back and buttocks with the multi-tail flogger. Unsure at first, but gaining confidence with every stroke, Ton becomes more comfortable wielding the whip. His friend is cowed and feeling the burning lash of the whip, and soon the pain is too much to bear. He cries out every time the whip lashes his flesh, but Ton is now fully enjoying his power and is unwilling to stop. Click here to see the full video of fetish-loving twink Ton learning to love the power of the whip.

twinks indulge in outdoor bondage and whipping punishment

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Twink Spanking + Huge Cumshot

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Timur is incredibly horny and he has a beautiful blond twink in his captivity that he is supposed to be interrogating, but he seems more interested in releasing his sexual energy on the helpless boy. After keeping captive in the dungeon for a few days, Timur bring the twink upstairs to a more conventional apartment, where he lays the lad across his lap and yanks down his pants to reveal his smooth, cherry ass. He begins spanking Paul’s ass with his bare hand, kind of jokingly at first, but getting harder and harder, until the twink slave’s ass is red and throbbing with pain. Seeing the ass glistening and feeling it radiating heat is too much for Timur and he can’t contain himself any longer. He pulls out his own cock, thick and uncut; a bulging masterpiece and he penetrates Paul’s virgin hole and starts thrusting. The pain is unbelievable for Paul but Timor continues to fuck him like an animal until he pulls his cock out of the twink slave’s asshole and jacks a huge load of cum all over his face. Click here to see the entire twink military punishment and gay BDSM video inside.

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twink prisoner gets a bare hand spanking from muscular young soldier

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Painful Twink foot punishment

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

It’s time to get back up on the wagon…thanks to all of the readers sticking with the blog while I took a few days off last week, I just had to take a winter break, but I am back with an incredibly hot clip of a naked twink in a painful predicament. He’s stripped and gagged, mouth taped to muffle his cries of pain and his ankles are locked into cuffs and roped to a chair to keep them still. Daddy is starting out with the most benign of torture devices — the hairbrush, but even suck a common object can inflict terrible pain. Using the hard plastic to strike sharp blows and then alternating and vigourously rubbing the bristles against the tender pads of the foot has the twink slave writhing in pain and discomfort. Enter here to see the entire foot torture and punishment video at!

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Helpless twink gets his beautiful feet painfully punished

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Military studs terrorize twink hostage

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Horny European soldiers Ivan and Becko have taken a sweet twink named Aleksandar hostage, and while waiting for the ransom, they can’t fight their urges and succumb to desire to fuck the pretty young lad…fuck him hard. In part 4 of “Ransom” the soldiers are burning every inch of Aleksandar’s flesh with hit wax, causing him to scream in pain. Disgusted by his wailing the soldiers administer a hard, bare-handed spanking, and then get ready to really punish him: Ivan’s cock is hard and hungry, and his thrusts it into Aleksandar’s perfect, pink, hairless asshole and fucks the hell out of this anal virgin. He screams and whimpers, Ivan’s cock feels gigantic, and Ivan is equally relentless. Enter here to see full gay BDSM video of this hot twink tortured by soldiers and fucked in his smooth beautiful ass.

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Amazing Euro twink assfucked and tortured by horny soldiers

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