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Hot Russian twink gives himself a dirty enema

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Hola amigos…I hope everyone is taking care of themselves in the cold of winter, and in the spirit of staying warm, here’s a clip of Bad Boy Ton indulging his kinky enema fetish. The hot Russian twink is bound around the upper arms with plastic wrap and pushed onto his back in the shower. His Daddy stands over him with the video camera demanding arresting visual stimulation, and Ton knows better than to disappoint his Daddy. He pushes the hose into his sweet anus, releasing a torrent of warm water up his ass cavity and he releases it with a sexy squirt and then a flood of liquid. Ton looks so sexy, innocent and dirty all at the same time, lying on his back in the shower with his feet in the air. I love getting a really good look at his balls and his taint, and I love it when he makes these twink enema fetish videos. Imagine yourself in a warm shower with Ton tonight, and click here to watch the full twink fetish video inside.

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hot Russian twink gives himself a dirty enema

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Freebie from — Tickle Torture!

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Here’s a great free promo video from As everyone knows they feature some of the best twink spanking and bondage torture clips — Enjoy this video featuring Noah and Sebastien in hot as hell Tickle Torture!

Check out here

Young lad gets his butt lashed with a leather belt and hairbrush

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Here is a great video trailer from British Boys Fetish Club showcasing more of their great extreme spanking footage. I really love how they really make no bones about just punishing the hell out of these young lads, and really inflicting a lot of pain. The narrator in this clip gives us a helpful tutorial on the fundamentals of European spanking. This twink gets a brutal lashing with a leather belt and a hairbrush and has to limp away from the camera in shame. Enter here to see the full video of this British lad getting his hide tanned

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Twink lad gets his ass whipped cherry red

Enter here to see the entire twink spanking punishment video!

Gay War Games — Fucking the Noob

Monday, March 31st, 2014

So much more hot gay guerrilla fucking from Gay War Games – Another new video posted on the site today, “The Noob” featuring a young UN peacekeeper recruit being welcomed to the front by his superior. They toast the mission and the raw recruit is no match for the strong local moonshine. He passes out, and his superior figures what’s the harm in checking out the private’s equipment? Get ready for some captive cocksucking and bondage anal sex. Click here to watch the full video at!

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Click here to watch full videos at Gay War Games!

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More Twink POWs – Gay War Games amazes us again

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

I got another new trailer from GayWarGames this morning, featuring our marauding heroes spying a pair of horny twinks traipsing through their territory. The camouflaged cock commandos spring into action and tackle the twinks in the snow and drag them back to their lair for interrogation and sexual satisfaction. These trembling twinks get tied up and their cocks get manhandled and sucked by their captors…its truly amazing military gay fucking action. Watch the videos and visit GayWarGames for more hot twink/bondage fucking!

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Check out these awesome homo commandos and their twink conquests at Gay War Games!

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Fresh New Face from — FANE

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014
Fane Hunter
So here is the latest trailer from — They are introducing Fane, an blond boy wonder with 10 inches of uber-cock. So mouthwatering!  Jesus, what a cock! Here’s what Boynapped writes about the entire episode…
Our new hot victim is Fane, brought back to the Boynapped Penthouse for Sebastian to play with. First he ties him up leaving him defenceless (just how we like them). Then he tickles him and gets the pinwheel on that hot 10″ cock, making him squirm. Not satisfied with this punishment, Sebastian then wires Fane’s huge chunk of meat to the electrostim. It’s not long until Fane can’t hold out anymore and spurts his hot spunk everywhere! Sebastian is a hard man to please and decides to bend Fane over and give him a good hard fuck. Fane’s tight asshole gets fucked harder and harder until Sebastian shoots all over his back and ass.

Boynapped continues to deliver! Check out their tour!

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