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Twink Leo James bound and brutally jacked off

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

This trailer is giving us the best of BoyNapped’s twink on twink bondage. Ashton Bradley has been on the painful end of the bondage experience in the past, and he really wants to regain his power and take out his frustrations about his feelings of weakness on someone else. A first year psych student could unravel his issues with weakness and loss of masculinity. Leo James is unfortunate enough to become the target. Aston lures Leo into the basement, overpowers him, immobilizes him and binds him with plastic cling wrap. Leo’s cock is exposed, and Ashton starts jacking his new slave off using liquid heat and then alternates with super cold therapy gel. Leo is in agony, begging to cum and for the jackoff to stop. Click here to see more of Ashton’s budding sadism and Leo’s agonizing bondage jackoff.

Mean streak punk restrains his partner and gives him sadistic handjob

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Military boy wanks man off

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Military boy tied up, groped, stripped, punched, flogged, anally fingered, whipped, tickled, feet punishment, anally electrocuted, fucking machine, buttplugged, sodomized, forced to jerk off, suck and rim another man, fed his own cum. That’s a full afternoon!

Tyler Brooks – twink cock torture

Saturday, October 25th, 2014
Tyler Brooks & Sebastian

After disappointing Sebastian with his laziness too many times, Tyler Brooks finally earns a humiliating punishment. Roped and immobilized, Tyler can only look on helplessly as Sebastian caresses and strokes his surprising massive uncut twink cock. Tyler knows this is only a warm up for Sebastian’s sick benefit, so he does his best not to show too much arousal, but Sebastian knows how to coax a reaction from petulant young boys. He starts doing tyler up like a zipper, pinching his tender young flesh in clothepins across his chest, and then his scrotum. Check out how wicked Tyler’s cock looks like haloed by tight, painful clothespins…I never get over how fascinating that looks :) But Sebastian’s not finished yet, and he tops off Tyler’s torture by pinching his foreskin with multiple clothespins, leaving the poor boi’s knees buckling from the pain. Enter here for the full twink bondage video…

Chain Twink Bondage + Pube Shaving

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

There’s not a lot of obfuscation and subtext here: One of our favourite twinks — Czech cutie Ton — is chained by his ankles and wrists on his bed while his daddy fumbles, caresses and massages his cock, eventually coating his beautiful erection with shaving cream and shaving his balls, cock, taint, and ass completely naked and gleaming. While he may not possess the best shaving technique, he’s committed to getting every single hair removed from Ton’s amazing crotch. After the job is done, he admires his handiwork, jacking off Ton’s luscious gleaming, hard cock. Enter here to see Ton’s amazing bondage transformation, from furry lad to slick and ready to fuck twink gay fetish icon.

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chained twink gets his pubes shaved

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Sexy Emo twink swallows monster cock

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Super sexy tattooed twink Miles Pride is incredibly popular among emo twink enthusiasts, and I count myself in that category. I was fucking thrilled to see this episode of Miles partnered with Rad Matthews, another hot American twink with the biggest cock I have ever seen on a lad his size. It’s as thick as his goddamn thigh! Anyway, this video clip is taken from Miles and Rad’s bondage playdate: Rad restrains Miles by the wrists and gives him some corporal punishment with a leather paddle, and then opens his mouth gaping wide with a spider gag. Miles bravely takes Rad’s entire monster cock…Rad loves feeding his thick dick down Miles’ throat. The thing is, Rad doesn’t even have to use the gag to ensure Miles’ cocksucking compliance. Miles would (and does) eagerly deepthroat Rad’s 10″ cock just to please him. If that isn’t enough of a mindblowing visual, Miles lays down on his back and spreads his legs for Rad, letting him fuck his amazing twink ass. Rad loves it bareback, and he shoves his huge twink cock into Miles’ hole like a machine, until he spews his hot cum load all over his face. Click here to watch the full, unedited version of this twink bareback bondage fuckfest.

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hot emo twink bound and forced to suck a huge cock

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Amazing blond twink bound and tortured

Sunday, October 19th, 2014

Bruce Cockburn’s evil twin Sebastian is up to his fiendish behaviour once again. He has lured 19 year old Max back to his place after agreeing to meet for coffee. Max and Sebastian were chatting online, and Sebastian convinced the gorgeous blond twink he could make him a video star. Being young and gullible, Max took the bait, and he now finds himself blindfolded and tied to an old hospital exam table, with gross old Sebastian rubbing baby oil all over his chest and flat stomach, pinching his nipples and massaging his cock. As has been extensively documented, Sebastian loves boy cock, and he slobbers all over Max’s tender uncut prick. Sebastian gets him hard and jacks him off to ejaculation, and Max cums so hard the spunk coats his own chest. His cock is now trembling and extremely sensitive, and Sebastian exploits the vulnerability ruthlessly, hooking up Max’s cock to a pair of electro-stim sensors and zapping the hell out of his throbbing genitals. Enter here to see the entire video of Max’s seduction, captivity and sexual torture at

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breathtaking blond twink bound and blindfolded then zapped in the genitals

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