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Straight Twink Karl misses curfew and gets a hard spanking from Dad

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Karl is a delinquent, just released from jail into the custody of his parents. He’s under strict curfew and while playing the role of humble and remorseful son by day, he sneaks out at night to hit the clubs with his group of degenerate friends that got him in trouble in the first place. By the time he creeps home, the sun is rising and his furious dad is waiting in his bedroom. Dad explodes and yanks Karl over his knee like a rag doll, tugging down his trousers and spanking him out of pure frustration. While griping about how his life choices were going to ruin the family, Dad spanks Karl harder and harder, holding him in place by the ear. He’s so frustrated by his 20 year old son he takes of his slipper and uses it to spank his throbbing red ass. Click here to see this classic father/son spanking scene in full.

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Raw Recruit Ruben is Terrorized and Humiliated during GayWarGames recruitment

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Raw twink Ruben has wanted to fight for his beloved country of Tchukistan — but the recruitment process is daunting. He’s made his application, but now he’s be stalked and followed by military police. A soldier pulls him out of his vehicle and bellows at him to submit to frisking, examination and physical spotcheck. Ruben is terrified and cannot manage a word of protest, and the soldier proceeds to knock him around, threaten him with his baton and shove him into the dirt and mud. How badly does Ruben want to serve his country? Will he lick the officer’s bots clean and beg forgiveness for muddying them in the first place? Will he prove his worth as a soldier by doing pushups and crunches in the filth and dirt? Ruben struggles under the torrent of abuse hurled by the soldier, but his recruitment trial is far from over. See the full scene of humiliation, boot worship and physical training at GayWarGames!

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Buff Country boy seized and abused by Gay War Games Commandos

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Bonus for Friday — New footage released by Gay War Games! This clip is brand new and features our two fave queer soldiers Mecko and Becko stealthily snatching unsuspecting Marko from his resting spot on a sunny hillside, and leading him to concrete drainage ditch. The restrain him with chain and rope and literally rip the clothes of his back. Seeing how fit this young man is, our soldiers are aroused, unsheathing their hard cocks and getting ready for an afternoon of fun with their new plaything. Marko tries to put up a struggle, and he earns repeated hard slaps and kicks for his futile resistance. The soldiers yanks his swollen cock, and twist his balls to break his resistance. If you can’t wait to see the entire video, enter here to view Mecko and Becko’s capture and torment adventure with Marko.

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Gay War Games Commandos abuse their terrified captive

Enter here to see the full gay military commando bondage fuckfest video

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Nude twinks Wrestling OMFG HOT

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Now I have been criminally withholding in not sharing this site — — I will spare you the obvious explanation (what’s in a name, afterall?). HGW finds super hot twinks and gets them worked up in primal, sexy wrestling shoots. These inexperienced young cubs are easily overwhelmed by arousal and they definitely let their young hormones get the better of them. If you love nude twink wrestling and grappling as much as I do, check out the full videos available at


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Seb Evans roped and fucked by twink lad Ashton Bradley

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Boy toy Ashton Bradley has been on the receiving end of some harsh punishments and humiliating sexual degradation at But today he gets to play the master when he’s presented with roped and helpless Seb Evans. Sebastian is roped on all fours and blindfolded, alert and terrified of what might be coming his way. Ashton thrusts his cock into Seb’s mouth and pumps deep, hitting his gag reflex, making Seb cough and splutter. After letting Seb get a good taste of his meat, ASton spread’s the twinky slave’s cheeks wide open and starts probing Seb’s hole with his spit-covered dick, before ramming it in harder and harder. Sebastian starts tense but he’s a pure-bred bottom and he loves feeling the rush of a hot cock deep in his ass. Ashton loves the feeling of control and soon he’s getting ready to bust his nut all over Sebastian’s ass, hole and balls. It’s great to be in control!


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Twinks experiment with Rope Bondage and love it

Friday, November 14th, 2014

Here’s a collection from, where they feature gorgeous kinky twinks getting freaky with bondage and twink humiliation and abuse. These anonymous twinks have quite an afternoon, stealing a moment for kinky bondage play, at least the stronger of the two. He wants to play out his bondage fantasy, tying up his weaker friend and stripping, and then pushing his fat cock into his struggling slave’s mouth. He pulls the rope to force his slave into a more painful submission position and then turns him around and continues to pursue his domination fantasy by fucking his frien-cum-slave in his virgin asshole. What an afternoon this turned out to be for both of them!  Check out to view the full length video :)


Check out to view the full length video

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