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Angelic Twink Preston Andrew receives a hard bare handed spanking

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Hee is a great twink spanking video to get the week off to a decent start…Preston Andrew, who looks like a beautiful angel, runs afoul of Mr. Sterne, who has a thing for disciplining misbehaving twinks. Sterne uses his bare hand for maximum results, and Preston’s ass tursn a hot shade of pink during his humiliating ordeal. SpankThis always brings out the best Twink spanking videos, make sure you check out the rest of their full length videos and photo sets.

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Twink spanked w/ Leather Whip

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Here’s a nifty video clip of a fresh young twink lad from Boy Fetish Central — He’s roped to a bench about to get a punishment lesson at the end of a well used, well loved leather whip. The action starts slow and builds. The light lashes provoke mild protests from the lad, but his Daddy builds in intensity, flogging his buttocks, back and thighs until they are turning red and shiny. There’s a lot of teasing in this video, click here to see the full length feature with lots of intense twink punishment on display.

Bonus: great shots of this twink’s sweet feet.

Twink lashed with leather whip

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Bondage twinks love bareback fucking

Sunday, August 17th, 2014

Bare Twinks is the home of lots of very kinky twinks, especially fresh American twink Seth Serenity. Seth is 19 years old, and he’s incredibly trim and he’s got a yummy looking dick. His appetite for kink and bondage is surprisingly deep for a lad this young, and he was eagerly awaiting the arrival of Felix Russo, a cock hungry young bottom, for an afternoon of hot bondage fun. Seth begins by cuffing Felix’s wrists to the headboard of the bed and taping his mouth shut. Felix also wears a blindfold and in unsure of Seth’s first move…and Seth takes advantage of Felix by tickling his ribcage, causing the restrained twink to twitch and convulse. Seth rips the tape off Felix’s mouth and promptly stuffs his cock into his mouth and Felix eagerly sucks. Felix loves sucking a long, hot pole, and does his best to please his lover. Seth’s erection is throbbing and he loves Felix’s hot mouth but he wants to get inside him and he pushes his fat cock into Felix’s ass. The twink pair fuck passionately, Felix furiously stroking his hard cock while he rides Seth’s bare cock. Click here to see the complete twink bondage bareback video.

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incredible twinks explore bondage play and bareback fucking

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Boy Fetish BDSM Photo Set — Nino & Baxter

Friday, August 15th, 2014


Here’s a particularly nasty photo set from the pervs at — enjoy Nino, usually the Boss around his twink toys, get some comeuppance from his former slave Baxter. Nino gets strapped on his back and slapped ruthlessly on the arms, legs, torso and crotch. Baxter gets extra creative in his torture methods, clamping down a heavy 10lb weight on Nino’s throbbing genitals. Its an epic Twink Torture depiction from BoyFetish, click to visit the site for more photos and full video!






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Dungeon Torture — Twink and Euro-trash

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

How about another kinda cheesy but still way hot twinkbondage movie, this time from

Featuring a very scrumptious blond boy morsel with a nice fat cock, and his tormenter, who is

a) wearing an mullet
b) wearing sandals
c) wearing a pvc jockstrap of some sort.

If that does not add up to fearsome tormentor, I guess its time to retire.

Anyway, master teases slave with the riding crop while the poor boy suffers on the St. Andrews cross. My favourite part comes at about 0:56 of the video – we get a really hot closeup of the twink’s chest and face…so sweet! Someone must save him from his low-rent dominator!

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Enema Twink

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Here’s a rarity for you to enjoy — a twink enema video featuring a very talented young man spreading his ass wide, permitting his Daddy to lube and probe his asshole with not one but two gloved fingers, massaging his sphincter to get him ready for a jet of water to clean him out. As the water flushes in, the twink slave is instructed to hold it in, but the plan is a little shaky…The master injected too much air up the slave’s rectum, and now the young man is farting and letting the water gurgle out his wet hole. The master tries again, using more pressure when he probes the twink’s asshole and injecting the water into his body. The closeup perspective of the video gives you a marvelous view of this delicious boy-hole. Treat yourself to a hot twink anal probe and enema video — visit the Boy Fetish Central tour now!

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Twink slave indulges sick master's enema fetish

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