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The officer part 4: Extreme Punishment = total Submission

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

The troops are really letting Max have it now. Binding his wrists and ankles and spitroasting him was not enough, and now sexually insatiable Mecko & Becko use rope to bind their captain to a tree for more aggressive, sadistic torture. Max gets a steady diet of cock, forced down his throat, while the savage beatings on his backside and feet continue. There is no help coming for Max, and he has no strength to fight anymore. Mecko and Becko sense their moment of triumph, and victoriously soak their former oppressor with hot streams of piss! If Max is to survive, how shall he ever be able to reclaim his position of authority? Will he be forever the bitch slave of his soldiers? Enter here to see Maxmillian’s total savage humiliation at

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horny queer commandos restrain and fuck their slave

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Gay War Games — Extreme Foot worship + humiliation

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Another week goes by, and its another brutal piece of propaganda from the Gay War Games Rebel-controlled media. This week they have released new footage from “The Redneck” featuring buff Marko, captured in the countryside and stripped naked, handcuffed, sodomized and face fucked. What could be left to do to this humiliated lad? What shred of dignity is left to degrade? Mecko and Ivan take turns skull fucking Marko and fingering his asshole, and then they trade off forcing Marko to smell their filty feet, forcing him to taste their sweaty disgusting socks. Marko is repulsed, but forced to comply. How much more can Marko stand? What will these homo commandos come up with next to grind the will of their slave into dust? Click here to see Marko’s degrading BDSM ordeal at

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Enter here to see Marco’s painful and humiliating imprisonment

Twink Spanking + Huge Cumshot

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Timur is incredibly horny and he has a beautiful blond twink in his captivity that he is supposed to be interrogating, but he seems more interested in releasing his sexual energy on the helpless boy. After keeping captive in the dungeon for a few days, Timur bring the twink upstairs to a more conventional apartment, where he lays the lad across his lap and yanks down his pants to reveal his smooth, cherry ass. He begins spanking Paul’s ass with his bare hand, kind of jokingly at first, but getting harder and harder, until the twink slave’s ass is red and throbbing with pain. Seeing the ass glistening and feeling it radiating heat is too much for Timur and he can’t contain himself any longer. He pulls out his own cock, thick and uncut; a bulging masterpiece and he penetrates Paul’s virgin hole and starts thrusting. The pain is unbelievable for Paul but Timor continues to fuck him like an animal until he pulls his cock out of the twink slave’s asshole and jacks a huge load of cum all over his face. Click here to see the entire twink military punishment and gay BDSM video inside.

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twink prisoner gets a bare hand spanking from muscular young soldier

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Military studs terrorize twink hostage

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Horny European soldiers Ivan and Becko have taken a sweet twink named Aleksandar hostage, and while waiting for the ransom, they can’t fight their urges and succumb to desire to fuck the pretty young lad…fuck him hard. In part 4 of “Ransom” the soldiers are burning every inch of Aleksandar’s flesh with hit wax, causing him to scream in pain. Disgusted by his wailing the soldiers administer a hard, bare-handed spanking, and then get ready to really punish him: Ivan’s cock is hard and hungry, and his thrusts it into Aleksandar’s perfect, pink, hairless asshole and fucks the hell out of this anal virgin. He screams and whimpers, Ivan’s cock feels gigantic, and Ivan is equally relentless. Enter here to see full gay BDSM video of this hot twink tortured by soldiers and fucked in his smooth beautiful ass.

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Amazing Euro twink assfucked and tortured by horny soldiers

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Euro Twinks succumb to bondage terror punishment

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

The Gay War Games homo commandos are really enjoying the oral service courtesy of newly captured twink prisoner Sebastian. They crowd around him and shout insults and threats into his face as he cowers and tries to hide his face, but Ivan, Mecko and Becko all keep slapping him with their hands and also their long cocks. Forced into compliance, he does his best to satisfy each hard, meaty prick, but as we’ve seen over and over, the queer guerrillas are impossible to please. Shortly thereafter, Sebastian’s comrades are rounded up, and the three twinks are forced to strip by the side of the road, and then marched deep into the forest to an abandoned house, where the soldiers prepare their twink bondage slaves for an orgy of pain, punishment and humiliation. Click here to see more videos of the Gay War Games pervert commandos fucking and abusing their twink prisoners!

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Enter here to see more video of the Gay War Games soldiers fucking and abusing these terrified twinks!

Gay War Games — Fucking the Noob

Monday, March 31st, 2014

So much more hot gay guerrilla fucking from Gay War Games – Another new video posted on the site today, “The Noob” featuring a young UN peacekeeper recruit being welcomed to the front by his superior. They toast the mission and the raw recruit is no match for the strong local moonshine. He passes out, and his superior figures what’s the harm in checking out the private’s equipment? Get ready for some captive cocksucking and bondage anal sex. Click here to watch the full video at!

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Click here to watch full videos at Gay War Games!

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