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BoyNapped Twink slaves find punishment and reward

Monday, August 25th, 2014

It’s been a while since I added an update from BoyNapped, but I hope the wait was worth it! In this update, Sebastian Kane, the sick, perverted lusting toad has lured a pair of fresh, smooth twinks to his underground dungeon for some kinky pleasure. The lads are roped together at the neck, sitting back-to-back while Sebastian pumps a cock in each hand like he’s rocking an arcade game. Sebastian loves to exert his power of these lads, mainly by simultaneously arousing them and creeping them the fuck out! He coats the lads with massage oil and rubs down their chests and sucks their cocks, getting them hard even though they are squirming in discomfort. The trailer peaks with the trio in a Daisy chain, sucking cocks and jacking off, smooth oiled bodies rolling around in the grime of the dungeon floor. If you are looking for hot twink hardcore fetish action plus a heaping helping of the creeps, chaeck out the full episode. Enter here to see Sebastian Kane defiling these gorgeous twink lads in his bondage dungeon.

Kenzie Madison & Toby Tate

Enter here to see the full length episode featuring Kenzie and Toby’s bondage abuse at the hands of Sebastian Kane.

Twink Michael gets tormented in the BoyNapped Penthouse

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Michael Davenport & Sebastian Kane
Michael’s ordeal continues…now the emo twink is in Sebastian’s clutches in the BoyNapped penthouse and Sebastian wants to torture his cock before letting it out of the chastity restraint. Michael pleads that he needs release — he hasn’t jacked off in a wek and he has so much cum in his balls that needs immediate release! That’s the wicked detail that Sebastian needed to hear, and he makes sure to draw out the stimulus long and slow to make Michael’s agony hit a fever pitch before he finally ejaculates. Sebastian starts deceptively, taking the chastity cuff off of the restrained twink’s rapidly swelling cock and giving it a hard fast pumping to ensure its nice and still, and even giving him some gratifying head. But after Michael is primed,  Sebastian goes into slow motion, jacking his cock tortuously slow, and even pricking the shaft with the pinwheel to add an excruciating pain element to the ordeal. When Sebastian has been suitably entertained with Michael’s orgasm denial ordeal, he permits the boy to cum, and the young lad’s knees fairly buckle when he finally shoots his wad. Enter here to see this fantastic BDSM/ejaculation denial video in Hi-Def.


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Zak Green: twink abused and defiled

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Zak Green is a tough lad used to being on his own in the world. He’s been on his own for a number of years, and he’s seen his fair share of hard times. Sebastian sees the muscled lad and asks if he wants to earn some money doing some hard work. Never one to say no to cash, Zak agrees and follows Sebastian to the penthouse. inside, Seb overpowers the younger man and uses duct tape and rope to secure him to a chair. Zak’s clothes are stripped off and Seb gets a good look at his fat uncircumcised cock. The cock gets roped tightly and then Sebastian begins to bat it around, like a cat playing with a mouse, trying to get the straight lad hard. Despite himself Zak allows himself to be aroused by Sebastian’s expert mouth sucking his now rock hard cock. He struggles against his bindings but cannot break free. Sebastian rips the tape off his mouth and shoves his own hard cock into Zak’s virgin mouth. Despite everything Zak complies and sucks the cock — devours it! The lad is a natural born cocksucker and Sebastian knows he has coaxed the reluctant playmate out of his shell. Sebastian treats the lad to an afternoon of cocksucking, hot wax, rope bondage and ejaculation denial — Zak is twisted in circles and begging for relief by the time devious Sebastian lets him release his torrent of cum. Enter here to see Zak humiliated and abused

Zack Green

Zak Green gets roped and abused at BoyNapped

Enter here to see Zak Green’s entire humiliating bondage ordeal

Luscious twink bound and tormented

Friday, July 4th, 2014

It seems like forever since I’ve featured a post with the sadistic rituals of Sebastien Kain of, and now witness his triumphant return to the dungeon as he pervs all over the slim, perfect body of blond twink Justin James. Justin was easily lured into the dungeon, he has a thing for older dudes with money, and Sebastien had not trouble convincing him to get naked, except for a blindfold. He lays the perfect twink down on a bench and ties up his wrists and ankles; Justin begins to struggle a bit, sensing things are going off the rails, but he is now hopelessly entangled in Sebastien’s web now. Sebastian tickles the poor lad, giving him a serious case of the creeps, and then he tests the lad’s pain threshold, running up and down his body with a pinwheel. Jusint squeaks like a little mouse and tries to wriggle free, but he’s not going anywhere. Sebastien then fixes his attention to Justin’s juicy uncut cock, binding the shaft and balls with a thin cord and tying it to his big toes: too much kicking will result in deliciously painful yanking and twisting of the twink’s penis. After Justin is completely helpless, Seb indulges in one of his favourite kinks, namely getting the boy wet and messy and then shaving off all of his pubic hair. Click here to watch Sebastien’s reign of terror on this deliciously trapped twink bondage slave.

luscious twink bound and tormented

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BoyNapped update: Smooth twink Liam rope bound and fucked!

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Sebastian has got a new rent boy in the BoyNapped suite, Liam King. This clip features Sebastian inspecting Liam’s fresh-as-a-baby’s asshole — smooth, clean, hairless! Liam struggles in his restraints — his ankles are chained to a spreader bar, as are his wrists and biceps! Sebastian uses intricate knots to get his twink slave in the right amount of tingling pain before the pleasure and abuse begins. Sebastian has the tasty morsel on his knees, bent over, exposing his hot hole. Sebastian slides his finger in and Liam moans, and Sebastian cuts of the foreplay and just gets to rutting. He slams his cock into Liam’s ass until he’s a bout to bust a nut, but then remembers the greater purpose, and flips the twink slave over, grasping both cocks in his hand, jacking both off, before the send a double shot of cum across Liam’s abs. Enter BoyNapped to see Liam’s hot bondage fucking debut full video.

Liam King

Liam King bondage fucking images

Enter BoyNapped to see Liam King’s full bondage punishment fucking video!

Brit Twink Alex dominated and violated

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

British twink Alex Cumming is in rough rope bondage, tied tightly in the fetal position, while his pervert captor Sebastian works over his ass with a riding crop, turning a bright shade of pink in anticipation of the kinky fun he’s going to have with the helpless lad. Sebastian is lusting after Alex’s pink asshole, and he gets the hole nice and loose with his fingers and a series of ever-larger toys, until he brings out a very nasty surprise for his slave. Sebastian has a long piece of dirty chain he grabbed from his garage, and he begins shoving the cold, dirty metal up the bound twink’s asshole link by link. Alex soon cries out “No more!” and Sebastian only stops to bust a nut all over his twink slave’s ass and flat stomach. Enter here to see the full twink anal violation video at!

Enter here to see more hi-def video of Brit Twink sweetheart Alex Cumming getting his boy hole pummeled and his ass punished!

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