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Horny Twink Wrestlers grapple in the nude

Monday, July 28th, 2014

OK, I have to admit that I have a problem…I am completely addicted to watching these nude twink angels wrestle and grapple with each other. Theses lads are positively heaven sent! Seeing those smooth, hairless bodies gleaming in the sun and the strain and struggle to pin their foe, it gets me so aroused! These twinks are using a dangerous combination of headlocks, arm bars, and other submission techniques to secure victory, but neither is above grabbing the other wrestler’s cock or scrotum and giving it a bit of a jerk for that extra edge. in fact, as the bout continues, it seems like all these horny competitors want to do is grab each other’s stiffening pricks and jerk them off! Enter here to see full length twink wrestling videos featuring nude lads getting aroused and pleasuring themselves.


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Nude Twink Oil Wrestling

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

It’s been so long since we have any twink wrestling on the site, but by popular demand, enjoy these gorgeous nude twinks having a messy wrestling match, their lean bodies drenched in oil and cream as they strain and struggle to pin their opponents. The match starts of with a frisky, kinky vibe, and the intensity builds as these twinks become more determined to emerge triumphant in their nude wrestling match. Enter here to view the entire photo set and full length video.

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Naked Kombat features Savage twink Brawler CJ

Monday, November 4th, 2013

So CJ ends up showing up on Twink Kink pretty regularly, because he is the only really twinky guy appearing on the network. Don’t get me wrong, I love CJ’s delicious body and I stiffen up every time I see that big cock of his. I love NakedKombat and ButtMachineBoys and BoundGods, but you can see why it’s not so easy finding our kind of twinks on their site. So without further ago, check out CJ appearing in with Adam Knox — it’s an intense bout and these gays really show how to fight out a grudge match! That’s real intensity on the screen, and you can clearly tell that the match winner has earned his right to fuck the disgraced loser. Click here to view the full video featuring CJ and Adam Knox.

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Secret Twink Wrestling Match

Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

Here’s another collection of delicious Euro twinks getting sinfully naughty, exploring their new homo kink. These lads strip naked and tussle in a secluded clearing in the woods, grappling with each other, straining muscles, twisting limbs and rubbing torsos. Heart rates increase, temperatures rise, beads of sweat form. The grunts of exertion gives way to tired panting and then cries of pain as the opponent twists a wrist too far or jerks sharply on the hair. The twink combatants become mutually aroused but continue to grapple for supremacy over the other rather than succumb to animal passion…for now. Enter here to view the entire photo set and full length twink wrestling video.

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Naked Twinks — Horny Wrestling and Jackoff

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

More hot and horny young lads are getting stiff and aroused during their nude wrestling match…check out these sweet twinks grappling and straining hard to get the upper hand. Winner gets jacked off, loser gets to give a hot guy a handjob! These twinks have some slick moves in their arsenal, choke holds, arm bars an submission techniques are all on display in this awesome gay nude wrestling match. Enter here for more full length gay twink wrestling videos and photo sets.


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Queer Twinks CJ and Matthew in epic nude wrestling match

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Lean and strong twink CJ is back to deal out some more exquisite punishment in his latest wrestling match at NakedKombat! In this video he squares off against Matthew Singer, another slim strong queer lad. The match starts off with some extreme intensity! This pair grapples on the mat, stripping down to their jockstraps, slapping each other across the asscheeks, teabagging each other, and yanking on their opponent’s cock and balls. All of the twisting, grabbing, scissoring builds to an epic finish — CJ gets the best of Matthew and shoves his hard, thick cock into Matthew’s ass, fucking him while still fighting to subdue him, and then celebrating his victory by shamelessly jerking off the loser and literally throwing it (his cum) in his foe’s face! Enter here to see the entire match plus more of twink CJ wrestling — all in hi definition video!

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Naked twinks grapple and struggle in this hot wrestling match

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