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Naked Kombat features Savage twink Brawler CJ

Monday, November 4th, 2013

So CJ ends up showing up on Twink Kink pretty regularly, because he is the only really twinky guy appearing on the network. Don’t get me wrong, I love CJ’s delicious body and I stiffen up every time I see that big cock of his. I love NakedKombat and ButtMachineBoys and BoundGods, but you can see why it’s not so easy finding our kind of twinks on their site. So without further ago, check out CJ appearing in with Adam Knox — it’s an intense bout and these gays really show how to fight out a grudge match! That’s real intensity on the screen, and you can clearly tell that the match winner has earned his right to fuck the disgraced loser. Click here to view the full video featuring CJ and Adam Knox.

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Queer Twinks CJ and Matthew in epic nude wrestling match

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Lean and strong twink CJ is back to deal out some more exquisite punishment in his latest wrestling match at NakedKombat! In this video he squares off against Matthew Singer, another slim strong queer lad. The match starts off with some extreme intensity! This pair grapples on the mat, stripping down to their jockstraps, slapping each other across the asscheeks, teabagging each other, and yanking on their opponent’s cock and balls. All of the twisting, grabbing, scissoring builds to an epic finish — CJ gets the best of Matthew and shoves his hard, thick cock into Matthew’s ass, fucking him while still fighting to subdue him, and then celebrating his victory by shamelessly jerking off the loser and literally throwing it (his cum) in his foe’s face! Enter here to see the entire match plus more of twink CJ wrestling — all in hi definition video!

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Naked twinks grapple and struggle in this hot wrestling match

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Sexy twinks rolling around nude in wrestling photo set

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Check out these sexy European twink specimens getting raunchy and horny in this nude wrestling match photo set. They wrestle, grapple, and struggle against each other, showing off their tight muscles, tight skin and flawless flesh. These twink wrestling videos are my favourites, I love seeing these cute boys grappling in the nude. Enter here to view the entire photo set and full length twink wrestling videos.

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Rare and sexy Twink hot oil wrestling

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Frat brothers need to enforce a sense of duty and brotherhood between pledges, and they teach this by making all brothers responsible for the success ad well being of each other. So when pledge Bobby fails a big midterm, his roommates are held responsible for the failing grade. The punishment is brutal and humiliating: the twink freshmen are taken to a garage, stripped naked and they must grease each other up with baby oil in preparation for a no holds barred, knock-down, drag out brawl. The twinks wrestle naked, slick and greasy, tumbling and flopping all over the mat while a horde of whooping upperclassmen jeer and scream at them. Finally a winner emerges and he is awarded a prize, although he must keep his eyes closed. Nervously he waits, and rightly so, because his prize for winning the wrestling match is being fed the fraternity head’s cock! He has to suck it deep until the pledgemaster shoots a thick withe jet of cum all over his face, The two losers of the match must fuck each other, still slick with grease to complete the amazing twink wrestling spectacle. Click here to watch the full twink wrestling fetish video!

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rare and sexy twink hot oil wrestling

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College freshmen wrestle naked in gay hazing ritual

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

College frat pledges seem to be the most gullible guys in the worlds. These straight dudes will get naked, suck cock and get fucked in the ass for the chance to join a fraternity. And naturally, the upperclassmen exploit the hell out of them. Theses dudes, from a notorious party school in the Southwest have to wrestle naked for their brothers’ amusement. These young, slim studs pull and grapple, muscles straining and bulging, hoping to pin their fellow pledge and let the loser suck his cock. Click here to see these slim twinks humiliating themselves for their sadistic frat brothers!

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college freshmen grapple naked in gay hazing ritual

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Sweet twinks roll around in nude wrestling match

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Here’s a pair of sweet euro twinks rolling around outside showing off their wrestling prowess…check out their cocks flopping around and asses getting spanked and probed while they trade headlocks, arm bars and full nelsons. These twinks show off their stuff at, its definitely worth checking out! Enter here to view the entire photo set and full length twink wrestling videos.

Euro twink wrestling action

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