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Suffering twink spanked and belted

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Master disciplinarian Jeff Sterne is called into action again, this time to correct the behaviour of Tristan Sommers, a tall, lean lad with a delicious swimmer’s build. He’s obsessed with video games to the exclusion of everything else, including his homework. Jeff pulls down his pants and administers a burning open hand spanking and then redoubles his efforts with a sizzling leather belt spanking punishment. Tristan, amazingly, won’t put down the video game controller! Has Jeff met his match! Not likely, it just makes the punishment more severe. Click here to see the entire hardcore twink punishment video at

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swimmer lad laid out and harshly spanked

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Virgin’s spanking fantasies come true

Saturday, November 8th, 2014

It’s really awesome when a shy gay amateur gets the opportunity to live out his porn video fantasies. Take Mick here…he’s a closeted 19 year old from Northern England who has a secret spanking fetish. He sneaks around and jacks off to spanking videos on his mobile phone anywhere he has a chance. You might catch him in the bathroom stall next to you, wanking his hard cock while fixated on merciless spanking videos. Anyway, he could finally no longer live with only having the fantasy and he sent an email to the webmaster of his favourite spanking site, hoping for a one-on-one discipline session. After exchanging photos, young Mick snuck away with his passport and hopped a flight from the UK to Budapest where he was met by the creative mind behind Mick’s fantasies finally came true as he got the hard, bare hand spanking of a lifetime! OTK, bare hand, real hard corporal punishment. And afterward, the virgin was rewarded with the opportunity to suck a cock for the first time and get fucked in the ass! Click here to watch Mick’s debut gay spanking porn video!

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amateur virgin gets spanked and fucked for the first time

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Mouth-watering twink gets a firm spanking

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Christian Collins is one of the most promising new twink performers I have seen since in gay adult videos since I first saw him in 2011. He’s 20 years old, and American from Ohio and he professes to having an underwear fetish and a kink for sex in the shower. I certainly wouldn’t mind lathering him up after getting dirty with him ;) …Anyway, in this video the redhead is sent to disciplinarian Jeff Stern to help curb his wild, kinky fantasies, and Jeff quickly gets the twink undressed and bent over to receive a hard spanking. christian takes Jeff’s strong hand over his jeans and then gets spanked over top of his sexy, flirty underwear before getting the full force of the bare hand spanking on his naked buttocks. After Jeff gets Christian’s ass tingling with pain after the bare hand OTK spanking, he brings out a scary looking wooden paddle and lets Christian know there’s even more hard corporal punishment in store for him. Click here to watch the full length twink spanking video!

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amazing twink gets his ass paddled hard

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Twink gets sharp painful caning punishment

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014

The cries from this twink lad while he is getting his backside caned are quite pathetic. Like a whimpering puppy, he shakes, grimaces and cries every time the cane strokes his ass or his bare back. First its exciting, and then you feel he should just quit being such a nancy and take it like a man, but then you appreciate that this lad is truly in the worst discomfort he has ever felt and would do anything in the world to make it stop. Suck your cock? Gladly, just make it stop. Let me fuck your beautiful ass? Anything to make the pain stop. And that is total control and domination. Breathtaking, the effect of fear and pain. Enter here to watch this twink’s entire caning ordeal.

Twink slave gets his back and ass brutally caned

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Sexy Emo twink swallows monster cock

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Super sexy tattooed twink Miles Pride is incredibly popular among emo twink enthusiasts, and I count myself in that category. I was fucking thrilled to see this episode of Miles partnered with Rad Matthews, another hot American twink with the biggest cock I have ever seen on a lad his size. It’s as thick as his goddamn thigh! Anyway, this video clip is taken from Miles and Rad’s bondage playdate: Rad restrains Miles by the wrists and gives him some corporal punishment with a leather paddle, and then opens his mouth gaping wide with a spider gag. Miles bravely takes Rad’s entire monster cock…Rad loves feeding his thick dick down Miles’ throat. The thing is, Rad doesn’t even have to use the gag to ensure Miles’ cocksucking compliance. Miles would (and does) eagerly deepthroat Rad’s 10″ cock just to please him. If that isn’t enough of a mindblowing visual, Miles lays down on his back and spreads his legs for Rad, letting him fuck his amazing twink ass. Rad loves it bareback, and he shoves his huge twink cock into Miles’ hole like a machine, until he spews his hot cum load all over his face. Click here to watch the full, unedited version of this twink bareback bondage fuckfest.

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hot emo twink bound and forced to suck a huge cock

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Gay War Games — New Episode, “Payback” feat. spanking and pissing

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Apparently, payback is a bitch. Tchukistan rebel collaborator Carl has been holding out on his comrades and it has finally pushed them over the line. If he won’t hand over their full share of the bribes he’s collected, they are going to take their payment in flesh and punishment. Carl obviously doesn’t watch the recent footage coming out of the war-ravaged area, because he calls their bluff, but Mecko, Becko and Max overpower him, strip him naked and punish his ass. These soldiers have no use for subtlety, they favour painful blows to the backside with boots and slapping hands. Carl tries to fight, but his resistance is met with mocking and hot streams of piss showering down on him from his captor’s cocks. They force his mouth open to taste their piss and suck their cocks. It’s going to be an ugly day for Carl. Enter here to see the full GayWarGames episode, “Payback”.

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Homo commandos exact revenge on a traitor

Enter here to see the full brutal military bdsm punishment video

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