Shoplifting Twink gets spanked

You know how it feels when you find a brand new exciting site with twinks you’ve never seen before? I love making those discoveries, and the site I found this week is Red Ass Twinks, a hot twink spanking and fucking site featuring amazing Euro twinks getting nasty and sexy in punishment videos. This one features store clerk Bari catching a shoplifter in his sex toy shop, and Bari uses his store samples to punish the wannabe criminal. Bari strips off the punk twink’s pants and starts whipping him with a flogger and then stuffs the handle up his ass. The captured criminal twink is a sexy lad with spiked punk-rock hair and he tries to suck Bari’s cock to get himself out of trouble. Bari stuffs his mouth full of cock, but makes him give up his ass in exchange for not calling the cops. Click here to see more hot amazing twinks spanking each other and fucking at Red Ass Twinks

twink shoplifter gets his ass punished and fucked

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Leo Ocean gets his Hole Wrecked!

According to the legend, if you ever get into the BoyNapped Dungeon, you will find roped boys everywhere, spread wide open and helpless, ready to be abused and used up like fuckdolls. Deacon Hunter is one of the lucky few who get to wander into the dungeon, and lo and behold, Leo Ocean is intricately roped to a steel scaffold, apparently used up by some other lads who have already moved on. Always horny, and a burgeoning sociopath, young Deacon starts lubing up Leo’s hole to see how much the lad can take. First he jams his finger, then a pretty standard dildo, deep into Leo, and the bound twink pants and moans, but he’s been loosened up pretty well by the other groups of lads coming and going all day in the BoyNapped Dungeon. Deacon grabs a big thick black silicone monster dildo and pushes it deep into Leo’s hole and the bound teen boy slave starts to buck and squirm. For all that bored young lads will try shove into their assholes, apparently there’s a limit, and it takes a stranger in a dungeon to push them past it. Finally Deacon is so worked up he pulls out his own hard, largish cock and starts ramming it furiously into Leo’s ass, and he soon busts his hot teen nut all over Leo’s cock and belly. Presumably, Leo will be left for the next guy. Click here to watch Leo’s video where he’s turned into a gaping fuckhole for horny perv and blossoming sadist Deacon.


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Cheeky twink gets his bare ass spanked OTK

Fanatical disciplinarian Jeff Sterne has another hard case on his hands. Derrick Porter is on the fast track to no where in life…he doesn’t care about school or getting a job, just cruising the mall for sexy dudes to hook up with. Always concerned about the well-being of young men that cross his path, Jeff Sterne decides what this young man needs most is a dose of tough, painful love. This is Derrick’s first taste of corporal punishment ever, and Jeff makes it special and memorable. All bare hand, all OTK. Get a good look at that creamy ass flesh as Jeff turns it pink and rosy, and then fiery red and mottled with welts and bruises. Click here to see the full painful punishment initiation of Derrick Porter at

cheeky twink gets his bare ass spanked OTK

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Twink Nipple Torture

And it’s great to be back in 2012! What a holiday…I had more than my share of merry making and imbibing, that’s for sure (and stories of that are for another blog) but I missed posting my beautiful twink boys and all of their filthy fetish adventures. And who better to celebrate the New Year with than my favourite future boyfriend Ton! This video clip shows Ton in a bit of a bind, literally. His Daddy has tossed him into the trunk of his car and tied both arms to his sides with nylon rope. Ton has precious little room to wiggle, but soon he’s squirming in pain when his Daddy start pinching his tender, smooth flesh with dozens of clothespins. He loves torturing Ton’s sweet little nipples, pinching and twisting them, making Ton scream a little every time he turns the pin. Ton knows he must please his Daddy to earn his freedom, however, and he obediently sticks out his tongue to get even more sharp pinching clothespins clamped in his mouth. Click here to watch the full length video of Ton’s bondage and erotic nipple torture inside.

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Furry Twink Dances When he gets his Dick Electrified

Kail Kopec is a 20 year old Czech lad I’m seeing fro the first time, and although he’s a bit furrier than most lads on Twink Kink, his antics in the dungeon definitely convinced me to roll out the welcome mat. We see him gagged and chained in a dank underground dungeon, and hoping for some mercy at the hands of Mirek. No dice. The older, tattooed jock has a real nasty streak in him and he wants to really terrify and torture this young man. Maybe it’s because Mirek is insecure about his own manhood (and overcompensating with the bodybuilding and hypermasculine tattoos) but Kail’s long, fat cock is like a matador’s cape flapping in front of a bull. The hulking pervert just wants to cause it pain. So he rigs up Kail’s meaty member with electrodes and runs the wires to the control box. The cranks up the electricity and Kail jumps and cries out but the gag muffles his pleas for mercy. He’s not going to get anything but more pain from jealous Mirek! Click here to watch the full twink cock electrification video at STR8Hell!


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