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Pretty boy Sebastian has been working hard on getting into his neighbour’s girlfriend’s pants, pissing off both of them. Finally, Sebastian pushes the girlfriend too far, and she tells her boyfriend Mehmet who drags him into the basement for some grim punishment. Mehmet and his girlfriend lock Sebastian into a set of stocks and start torturing his nipples. Mehmet is furious at Sebastian and growls at him if he wants to get some hot sex, then he’s going to get some. Mehmet forces open Sebastian’s legs and shoves his cock up the twink’s ass and fucks him hard and raw. Sebastian is forced to his knees to take Mehmet’s fucking load right in the face, and then as a final humiliation, Mehmet pisses all over Sebastian’s face. Click here to see all of this hot gay bondage at!

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Here’s the big finale from for the episode “Ransom” featuring the rough fucking of thoroughly abused twink Aleksandr. Mecko and Ivan, the insanely perverse homo commandos face-fuck their twink hostage and then get him rigged at the ankles and wrists, hanging him from the ceiling, helpless to stop Ivan from fucking his ass. Ivan pounds the shit out of Aleksandr’s hole while Mecko forces his cock down the twink bondage hostage’s throat. Both guerrillas jack their thick cocks off and shoot thick wads of cum across Aleksandr’s lean smooth chest. Click here to see more video of Aleksandr suspended in chains and assfucked at!

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We all love Noah, I personally love it when this snotty rich kid gets to feel some hard times. In this set, Noah’s roommates are sick of his shit and decide to torment him and take some of the piss out of him. After stripping him naked, they tie his ankles and bend him over a knee, spanking his bubble butt with a bare hand before employing more painful implements: paddles, brushes, and canes. This is just the first taste for Noah, but these assholes he works with end this scene on an impressive note: they fill a cup with piss and force snooty rich kid Noah to drink it dry. Sick and I can’t wait to see more! Enter here to see Noah’s hardcore debut on, featuring intense spanking and hot piss-drinking!

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Twink sweetie Kyle thinks he’s at home alone, but he walks in on his BF Matthew, stripped down to his little underpants, whipping himself across the back with a flail. “It turns me on so much,” confesses Matthew. “Me to” agrees Kyle, and he bends Matt over and starts slapping him across the ass with the whip and a few other toys Matt had collected. They switch roles so Kyle can feel the kiss of pain across his asscheeks, and the twinks are now so horny the passion bubbles over into lust and they strip each other naked and swallow each other’s cock, hungry for cum. Enter here to see the hardcore spanking and twink fucking video.

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