Twink Bondage and Anal Insertion

On all fours, Cameron Wilson has his balls roped and tied with his legs spread apart, leaving his ass exposed and vulnerable. Crew member Kieron Knight can’t take his eyes of this hot teen’s hole and starts in with toys and a good hard fucking. Kieron opens the lad’s hole and molests him. Unable to protest, Cameron takes his abuse like a man, head pressed into the floor; quietly begging under his breath that this will all come to an end before his hole is unable to take any more. Enter here to see the full gay teen CBT and bondage video and photo set exclusively at!

Twinks get kinky in this bondage insertion video

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Teen Gets Hard and Cums During Spanking From Daddy!


Conrad is an endless source of frustration for his Father. He’s 19, out of school and unemployed and he slouches around the house all day doing God knows what. Judging by the endless collection of wadded up tissues in the trash, Conrad spends a lot of his day masturbating, and Dad finally hits his breaking point when he walks in on Conrad walking around without any pants or underwear on; just a t-shirt and his monster teen cock flopping around between his legs. Dad yells at him to put on some goddamn pants, but Conrad still flaunts more than the rules, pulling on a pair of trackies without underwear, and his swelling cock creates a tent that is both impressive and very discomfiting. Who wants to show off their erection to their Dad? Conrad’s Dad pulls the disturbed lad over his knee and starts to give him a spanking, and Conrad really doesn’t hide that he’s enjoying it, especially since his tree-trunk cock is slapping against his father’s thigh every time the bare hand spanks his ass! Dad realizes what’s happening and puts Conrad on the sofa and spanks him with a table-tennis paddle. Conrad’s cock swings free and starts leaking thick white semen all over his mother’s furniture! Conrad’s Dad is horrified and defeated by his monstrously horny offspring, who has thoroughly enjoyed his time with Dad and is mentally filing his experience in the spank bank! Click here to watch this very messy and inventive boy reversing the punishment dynamic on his Dad at!


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Horny soldiers spank, punish and fuck twink prisoner

Hooray! GayWarGames gives us the second trailer from “the Football Player” featuring slim, wiry twink Yanni and the new black mercenary on the squad “Jimbo”. The soldiers are not fucking around in this trailer…they are hungry for fresh meat, and horny after being in the field so long. Yanni’s sweet ass is begging to be punished, and his slim body is magnetic for the soldier’s caress and their punishing aggression. Jimbo and Ivan slap Yanni’s ass while pinching his fat uncut cock with tight pegs, and then handcuff his hands behind his back and make the twink slave deepthroat that fat, hard dicks. Yanni gags, but does his best to impress his captors. Jimbo’s thick black cock dominates his mouth, stretching him wide open. I can’t wait to see more of him in action! Enter here see more hot gay bdsm featuring Yanni submitting to the sadistic punishment of Jimbo and Ivan at!

Twink punishment and hot forced deepthroat

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Fresh meat for the Gay War Games Soldiers

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Dirty Twink Beer Enema

Here’s a nasty, filthy enema fetish clip for you to watch at home in the dark tonight. There is something so raw and raunchy watching these lads administer enemas with everything they find around the house, from milk to soda to beer. The way they insert that bottle up their rectum and take a big drink with their ass and then spray it on out, making a huge gross mess. Are they getting off on being nasty? Are they filled with shame at what they’re doing for money? Let them worry about reasons. This weekend I think this is how me and the boys are going to be drinking beer. Watch lots more twink enema fetish videos here

filthy twink pours skunky beer down his asshole

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Cheeky Straight Twink has a Squidgy Butt for Spanking


Here’s a photo set from a new spanking site that just launched this week: It’s from the producer responsible for, and much like the original site, features lots of first-time amateur twinks and musclepups getting bare-bum spankings, plus lots of shower scene bonus clips and solo jerk-off clips. The lads are horny guys in their late teens and early twenties, from the UK and Eastern Europe and eager for sex. My full review, including technical specs, is available HERE.

This update features Jake, a lad with a bad habit for talking shit, and one of his friends has had enough of his douchebag attitude. Jake is always going on about how many girls he’s fucking, and that he’s constantly horny. When he’s asked if he wants to make money doing a spanking video, he says yes immediately, and he had no problem stripping down for a pre-shoot shower. Even though he says he’s totally straight, he got an erection pretty easily while showering next to another man, so I would say his sexuality is definitely fluid. The shoot starts and he lies across his friend Billy’s lap and Billy immediately starts giving him strong slaps on his juicy buttocks. They bounce around while they’re spanked and Jake is immediately reacting to the pain. He’s making faces and trying not to scream out, but Billy is relentless. He really has a vendetta against this smooth twink. After spreading Jake’s cheeks and showing of his surprisingly hairy teen butthole for the camera, Billy keeps spanking Jake, standing him up against the wall and then finishing him off on the couch. It’s all bare hand in this video, but future shoots with Jake would be much hotter with a paddle or hairbrush. Jake finishes the scene pulling on his long erection, jerking himself off until he shoots a load that lands on his smooth chest. Click here to check out Jake’s embarrassing spanking and the rest of the horny boys at


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