Frat brother spanking punishment and hot fuck

Here’s a quick bonus update for you this Valentine’s Day…greet your lover with a hot twink on twink spanking video like this one featuring Tyler and Devon. They are frat brothers and Tyler tries to teach younger Devon about the traditions of their fraternity, and the importance of discipline and obedience. Tyler knows the best lessons are taught through pain, and he delivers a sharp, painful bare-hand spank to Devon’s smooth round rump until its red and starting to show bruises and welts. The pair then get really hot and suck each other’s cocks before Tyler mounts Devon and fucks is ass while continuing to spank and slap his young twink lover. Click here to see Devon and Tyler’s full length spank and fuck video exclusively at!

Hot Frat boys love bare hand spanking punishment and hot anal sex

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Twink Pornstars add some Pain to the Party

Skyler Evans is a greedy little bottom that loves working for BareTwinks — he used to do it for the money, but he fell in love with it when he got to hook up with an endless stream of big-dicked boyfriends like bad boy Jason Valencia. Skyler needed a partner for this scene so he sent Jason a text asking how soon he could make it over, and Jason was knocking on the door in ten minutes flat! Skyler wastes no time getting that thick cock out of Jason’s underwear and getting him hard and dripping with precum. Jason has got other ideas though. He doesn’t just want to be the hard cock getting used as a penetration prop for Skyler, he wants to have some fun! So while Skyler sucks him off, Jason starts working over the bottom boy’s bare ass with a leather paddle! Jason’s ass is framed perfectly by his jockstrap and his firm cheeks start getting red and hot while Jason smacks them harder and harder. Skyler just keeps sucking Jason deeper and deeper while the spanking gets more intense. Jason then flips Skyler around and slides the entire lenght of his bare cock into Skyler’s hole and starts pumping him like a machine. Jason has incredible stamina and can shoot multiple times in a scene, so he’s always fucking hard and deep. Skyler’s own hard cock is bouncing up and down as he rides Jason reverse cowboy style — What a raunchy little romp these tow pulled off! Click here to see this hot spank and fuck from BareTwink’s hot up and coming wunder-fuckers Jason and Skyler!

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Plush twink gets his ass broken in

I thought I would spend Monday sorting through some archives for hidden gems, and here’s one from a few months ago that I wanted to post. It features my future boyfriend and love of my life Kyler Moss getting broken in by Andy Kay…his first hardcore video shoot for Boy Crush. Kyler (who I think looks way more adorable with short hair BTW) is stripped down to his undies, his ankles locked into a spreader bar and his wrists chained to the headboard of the bed. Andy approaches with the camera, silently lurking and not alerting the blindfolded Kyler. Andy makes his move, ripping of Kyler’s underpants and delivering stinging lashes with a leather paddle. Kyler tries to squirm away, but the restraints ensure there will be no freedom. Andy continues mercilessly lashing Kyler’s gorgeous, smooth ass, until the twink’s cock proves too tempting and Andy can’t help but swallowing Kyler’s big hot cock. Andy now strips naked and pushes his cock deep into Kyler’s ass stroking the twink’s dick while pumping furiously. They cum together and leave a mess all over Kyler’s gorgeous, sweet smiling face. Look at that huge grin he’s got while hot creamy cum drips down his face. Click here for more hot twink fetish play and bareback fucking.

kinky twink endures painful sexy spanking

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Big Brother Spanks Little Brother

18 year old Matt gets caught sneaking in way past curfew by his older brother Max. Their mother put Max in charge and Matt knew he had a midnight curfew but decided to ignore it because he expected his big brother to be chill with it. But Max is uptight and insecure and he needs to enforce his authority over Matt the only way a young man understands: through physical force! Max is lean and muscular and teeny twink Matt is no match for him. The younger lad is pulled over Max’s knee easily and Max wrestles his pants down, exposing his narrow little ass. Matt protests in disbelief, but Max peppers him with a flurry to open hand spanks to his tight derriere. Matt wriggles but he can’t break free of big brother’s iron grip and must endure the humiliating punishment, not that this lesson will really stick with him. Click here to see the full brother-on-brother spanking video at!



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Hot twink bondage in the shower

Hannibal may be a rising star in whatever Eastern European crime syndicate, but in gay fetish porn circles, many would argue he’s ready to be crowned king. With a sculpted body, bad attitude and a nasty kinky disposition, he overwhelms timid twinks like Rene. Hannibal corrals the smaller, younger Rene in the shower, taping his mouth shut so he doesn’t have to listen to the please for mercy, and then he ropes the lad’s hands above his head and then plays with his fat cock. Check out Hannibal stroking both cocks at once, squeezing his slave’s balls in a rope and slapping him around. It’s fucking hot and only promises to get hotter. Enter here to see Hannibal punishing more timid twink lads exclusively at

hot twink bondage in the shower

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