Twink Delinquent Fucked by two Policemen

January 27th, 2015

Baby faced twink Erik Franke has become a target for the notoriously corrupt Prague Youth Services police division. They are mandated to intervene with high risk individuals, but their power has been unchecked for years, and the service is notorious for abusing these youthful offenders and obtaining sexual favours. Much like “A Clockwork Orange”‘s Billyboy and Dim, Officers Sven Laarson and Andy Fisher are former criminals now prowling around with a badge and a gun, their misdeeds given the rubber stamp of community approval. They track down tender Erik, who they have been scoping out for weeks, handcuffing him in a dirty basement and then taking him back to their safehouse for degradation and abuse. Stripped naked and hands cuffed behind his back, Erik is forced to swallow the long, hard cocks of each of his captors, and Sven punishes Erik even more by thrusting his truncheon into his tight pink asshole. Sven and Andy take turns fucking the helpless blond darling, eventually turning it into a daisy chain! This scene is a classic if you love uniforms and twinks into rough sex and handcuffs — click here to watch the full video.



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Nasty Ton loves nasty food games and anal play

January 27th, 2015

My totally hot Czech fantasy boyfriend Ton has another super hot video clip posted online showcasing his recent trip in the country where he put on a right nasty show for the camera. Once he was isolated and alone, Ton started unbuttoning his shirt, and unzipping his fly, letting all of that gorgeous bronze skin show. He pulled out his meaty cock and began stroking until it got nice and hard. Then he flipped over and showed his beautiful ass to the camera, spreading his cheeks and showing off his hot hole while pulling on his cock and balls. His daddy started massaging his ass, and then began fingering that tight, puckered asshoe, working in his digit in and fucking him. Then the freaky shit starts happening when Ton’s Daddy starts spraying whipped cream all over Ton’s ass, and the Ton starts spraying it EVERYWHERE! His gorgeous nude body is slick with the creamy mess, and he jacks his cock and licks it off his fingers. It’s absolutely TO DIE FOR! Enter here to see more of gorgeous twink Ton getting nasty with his kinky gay anal play videos!

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Military Recruit endures Harrowing Physical Training!

January 26th, 2015

Tchukistani military recruit Ruben thinks he’s through the worst of his physical evaluation for entrance into the army, but the Sergeant is just getting started with this raw whelp. Stripped naked and forced to the ground, Ruben is commanded to do as many pushups as he can. Not surprisingly, he is completely inadequate and this boosts Sarge’s rage to another level. He trusses Ruben in a straightjacket and orders him to start running. The poor little twink runs in circles in the sandy lot, struggling to maintain his balance while trying to go faster and faster. Finally Sarge orders him to stop and get on his knees. He fits a spider gag into Ruben’s mouth and pries his head hole wide open. Ruben’s reward for his physical training efforts? His sergeant fucks his wide-open mouth with his baton, ramming the black stick back to his gag reflex, trying to make Ruben sick. A look of terror covers Ruben like a mask — What else will this blond twink have to endure to make it into the fearsome Tchukistani military corps? Click here to watch his entire humiliating military recruitment initiation at GayWarGames.



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Fresh Faced Twink trolls for the nasty

January 24th, 2015

Check out this impossibly beautiful blond twink who has a real taste for nasty fetish. He trolls for sexual favours in the sex shops of Prague, and he usually scores. This clip shows this radiant twink flirting with a shop clerk and pretending to steal, prompting the clerk to pull down the twink’s pants and start smacking him with a wooden paddle. The twink enthusiastically moans in pain and delight each time the hard paddle strikes his smooth white flesh, but the moans become more ragged and pained as the clerk’s motives turn from flirtatious to sadistic. The paddle spanks become harder, fiercer, and the twink starts squirming and trying to escape. The clerk restrains the slim lad, prolonging his punishment, until the twink promises to suck his dick, and he is finally let go. The twink, quickly recovering from the corporal punishment, eagerly gets on his knees and swallows his tormentors thick cock. Click here for the full length xxx rated twink spanking and fucking version of this video.

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young fresh twink gets his ass paddled and sucks cock

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Twink brutalized by thug bullies

January 21st, 2015

Brutal Tops bills itself as a BDSM site made for bottoms, and I love it when they bring in quivering, terrified twinks to absorb all of that punishment. Here, an anonymous twink becomes the abused plaything of master Maurice at the gym — he’s forced to run on the treadmill until he’s going to be sick, he’s whipped with a riding crop, and Maurice forces him into a physical training regimen that threatens to completely undo the twink. While the twink gasps for breath, Maurice and his mate cram their cocks into the twink’s mouth and fuck him in the ass. Enter here to see this twink suffering abuse and humiliation at the hands of these sadistic thugs in HD video at!

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brutal thugs dominate and torment twink weakling at the gym

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Twink 3some Piss Shower

January 18th, 2015

Here’s a late Christmas surprise for all of you twink pissing fetish fans out there…3 hot American twink boys getting super nasty in the shower. They are stripped to their cute underpants and then they pull out their thick, semi-hard cocks and take turns soaking each other with piss. I love seeing these twinks with the fat cocks, and seeing each lad stroking his meat, getting their cocks firm and ready, but not yet rock hard…then they turn on the hose, and each lad gets sprayed across the abdomen,cock and legs with his bf’s hot piss. If you are a big fan of nothing but young twinks soaking each other with piss, click here to get a hot load.

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hot twink threesome shower each other with their hot piss

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