Long cock twink pisses in his own face

Wesley Marks certainly puts on a great solo show for us in this video…the handsome lad with the long, uncut cock finds a private space outside and starts masturbating for the camera. His dick swells and gets nice and hard and he’s totally aroused. He gobs on his cock and pumps it furiously until he spews out a huge gush of semen. Then for good measure, he just lets a hot jet of piss flow, all over his pants and then he hoses down his chest as well. I love the way he’s trying to catch the drops of piss on his tongue and the way the hot pee dribbles down his chin. Check out this amazing full length jerkoff and solo pissing video here…

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Helpless twink Kyler Moss fucked and abused mercilessly by hairy Latino Daddy

Don’t bother reading this. Don’t waste time reading about luscious twink Kyler Moss stripped naked and bound with tape. Watch the video and pump your cock while Kyler’s helpless image flickers in front of you, dragged around a dirty floor like a bag of trash by Alexsander Freitas. Don’t read meaningless words describing Kyler’s smooth, impossibly perfect skin and slender frame being battered and tossed around by the ultra masculine daddy, covered with coarse hair and vulgar tattoos. Every second you spend not fixated on the video are precious seconds of your life wasted not watching nature’s most perfect creation with his legs bent over his head, and a rough, tattooed hand probing his sweet boy-hole. Why bother reading my completely inadequate words when you could be rewinding and replaying Alex stuffing his huge 9 inch cock into Kyler’s ass and fucking him piledriver-style? Words cannot do justice to the sight of Alexsander fucking Kyler from behind and then yanking him to his knees by his hair and force-feeding him his giant cock. Kyler gags on the thick Latino cock but Alex is relentless, cramming it to the back of Kyler’s throat. Honestly, do I even need to tell you to click here to watch the complete twink/daddy bondage and rough sex video?

helpless twink Kyler Moss fucked and abused mercilessly by hairy Latino Daddy


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Masked twink gets a hard CP beating

What is your thought on twinks and masks? Are they too cute for wanting to protect their identities and save mom and dad from potential embarrassment? Or do you find the mystery sexy and arousing? Are they being selfish and silly? My blood gets pumping when I think of these twinks as being incredibly horny and feeling desperate to explore new feelings of kinkiness welling up inside them. Maybe this delicious young twink feels deeply insecure and is trying so hard to please his new boyfriend that he will make a homemade porno with him, even though he feels a sense of deep shame about the exhibitionism. The masked twink in this video is bound to a fence in the middle of the country with duct tape, and his cruel boyfriend is taunting him and painfully punishing him with a riding crop. You can see the boyfriend is using a great deal of force to deliver the blows. Click here to watch the full length Twink Corporal punishment and judge for yourself: sexy or ashamed?

masked twink gets a hard CP beating

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Amateur twink prepares for first fisting

So, in the continuing effort to try an make it easier for new visitors to the blog to find my classic, most popular posts of the past, I am revisiting select entries and updating the post. Originally titled “Twink slave primed for first fisting” this post features a frightened naked twink, still in pain after an obvious spanking, forced to kneel and present his ass to his master. The master, wearing yellow kitchen gloves, begins probing the lad’s anus, inserting one finger, and then stuffing in a second. The lad is going to get his first fisting today, no matter how much he moans and tries to get away. The master keeps working his now gaping asshole, stuffing in three fat fingers, clearly relishing being the first man to initiate this mouth watering twink into butt-play fetish and fisting. The twink’s feeble attempts at escape do nothing except earn him another fat digit up his gaping asshole. See this twink’s entire finger-probe and fisting video here!

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Annoying Little Football Fan Trounced by Bully

This tasty little appetizer from GayWarGames landed in my inbox about an hour ago — It seems some entitled little prick’s favourite football team (FC Barcelona) just won a big match and he’s running through the streets like an idiot. It seems his joy is getting negative attention from other disgruntled fans and as the young man makes his way through a shitty neighbourhood on the way home, he gets chased and knocked down by a Real Madrid fan who tears his jersey to shreds and tries to choke him with it. The Barcelona fan is really taking a beating as the Madrid booster is threatening him with a jagged piece of steel, pummeling him and eventually tying him up, gagging him and whipping his backside. No nudity in the preview, just some aggressive young man taking out his frustration on a hated rival. Click here for the full video of this lean young soccer fan getting terrorized and punished at GayWarGames.com.


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